Sunday, November 21, 2010

Genghis Con (2011)

Next year I have decided to come out of Convention retirement.  Along with other CMH members I am going to put on a couple of games.  A Black Power Napoleonic battle in Spain and a Modern Iraq battle using the excellent Ambush Alley Rules.  Here is the listing.  

Napoleonic 15mm
Black Powder Rules
Cadiz, Spain, January 1812
This battle simulates a typical scenario where the besieging French are caught
off Guard by British columns trying to breakout into the Spanish countryside.
Experience: Beginner +
Figures provided
Saturday Morning (4 hours max)
Number of Players: 4
Dan Gurule, CMH

Modern Iraq 15mm
Ambush Alley/Force on Force Rules
Modern Day Iraq
As a Squad or Platoon Leader you will lead your Marines into a hostile
neighborhood seeking out a local warlord. The house to house fighting will be
intense and bloody.
Experience: Beginner +
Figures provided
Saturday Afternoon (4 hours max)
Number of Players: 6
Dan Gurule, CMH


Eric Elder said...

Great you are coming out of retirement!

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