Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Latin American Aero Defensa (LAAD)

I just wanted to share some pictures from the LAAD show in Rio de Janeiro I attended earlier this year.  This show is always pretty good.  Many Defense companies come to show off their wares here in Rio.  As you may know Brazil is an emerging market so you had arms dealers from all over the World.  Anyway, here are some pictures you might enjoy.
Brazilian Colleagues
View from Rio Control Tower
Tavor Assault Rifle
Nice Rifle
Body Guard
Israeli Colonel


Razor said...

Cool stuff Dan. I knew that the israelis were planning on a replacement for the Galil, now it looks like they found it. It will be interesting to see if the US future rifle is a bullpup design like most armies are fielding or something else.

Dan said...

Yeah it was pretty cool stuff. There were two pavilions full of all kinds of stuffs, UAVs, Armored Cars, Cars that were up armored, etc. That ex Colonel was really cool and had some cool stories. Being in Aviation it was funny because I didn't realize they flew the Hind The last is a Mortar from a Spanish Company. I have many more pics of different stuff, ship builders who had some nice models out there, etc.