Tuesday, May 17, 2011

West Wars 2011

West Wars 2011
Well it looked and felt like everyone had a real good time.  We had a great turn out.  Over 36 participants played in over 14 events.  I wanted to thank the General and Jeff for putting on the BBDBA tournament and for the CSGA guys that came up to play.  It was a lot of fun except for the idiot who brought Chariots to a “Knight fight.”  It was pretty embarrassing for me. We look forward to the next DBA competition. 
Preparing for Battle (BBDBA)

I hope everyone enjoyed the food. I really think it’s important that we have food available for these events.  First so we can keep people focused on their games and next to keep everything on schedule without people having to run out to get food and rush back. 
Black Powder Spain

So we pretty much had every period covered.  Ancients, Civil War, Napoleonic, World War II, SYW, Sailing Ships and Pirates!  We even sneaked in some Zombies.  Thanks to Ed, Dave, Doug, General, Jeff, Stan, John and Eric for throwing it down for West Wars!
Fighting Instructions

I have some pictures I placed on the CMH web group photo files and here on my Blog. 

General Brown


Flames of War


Regimental Fire and Fury


Zombie Master

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