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The French Guard Attacks (September 4, 2011)

Today Matt V. and I setup a battle we spoke about a week ago.  The idea for this battle actually came from Dave F. of CSGA when he asked if anyone ever sent in a Guard army yet in a DBN game.  Feeling a little cocky, I just finished my 24 point Prussian army and asked Matt to put a 24 Point French with Guard together.

So here is an after action report mostly of pictures.  I hope you enjoy it.

Battle Setup
 We used the 2' x 4' setup for larger battles and of course with the larger units mentioned in the rules.  We used Matt's Plancenoit table we built a while ago.  I used my range sticks to setup the deployment zones.  Matt being the French was of course the attacker and chose his side of the field to attack from.

Matt's French Force

French Corps de Garde Impériale 1809-1812 & 1815.
1xMs(OG), 2xMs/LI(E) (Young Guard), 1xMs(E) (Vistula Legion only in 1812), 1xHC(Old Guard), 1xLC*(Old Guard), 1xNa (Hs) = 12 points.  Note: Old Guard are 2 points and Elite are 1.5 Points.
French Line, 1805-1812 & 1815. 4xMs, 2xMs/LI (Legere), 1xMs (Bavarian Allies, 1809-12 only), 3xHC, 1xLC*, 1xNA = 12 points.  That completes Matt's 24 point Force.

Battle Setup
Dan's Prussians, 1807-1812. 1xMs(E) Grenadiers, 5xMs, 1xMs/LI (Fusiliers), 1xJg, 1xHC, 1xLC*(E), 1xNA. = 12 points.  Double that all and there was my 24 point force.

Battle Setup
 The village was a fortification and not a BUA.  There was a hill at the French rear and a forest area in the center right.
Armies Deployed French (Left) Prussian (Right)
 So I setup first, we didn't bother with Camps for this battle.  I deployed my Prussians infantry heavy on the left to try and force the Village.  My Artillery was in the center, Lights and Jager in the woods and Cavalry on the far right.  So far my plan was perfect, well until the battle started it was perfect.
French take over the Village
 Of course the French moving first with a +1 for being 1812 French and +2 on the Attackers first round.  They were outside my 6inch zone so they  were able to make a double move into the Village.
Prussian try to dislodge the French from the Village
 The French continued to move through the Village and setup a good defence.   Well they were on the defense I think for one turn.
Prussian Right Cavalry prepare for Battle as French Lights cross the road
The French moved forward all up the line.  The lights moved in the center to take the Woods with both French and Prussian Cavalry lining up for the attack.

The French form Column and advance
 In true Matt V. form and being French he didn't spend much time to get on the attack.  He setup an Attack Column on the road and started to push my column back.  During this fight is where I lost a leading Grenadier unit to the French attack.
Prussian Light and Jagers occupy the Forest
 The woods were an interesting fight.  Since the Prussian Lights and Jagers took the Village I left one Jager behind.  Using the CNC's extra pips I was able to get the lights on line to repel the French Light Infantry.

Cavalry are engaged as Prussian lights move in
 At turn 4 it was about 4 to 3 in favor of the French.  I was able to destroy Two French Lights and One Young Guard unit.  I was down a Grenadier, Battery, and two Foot units.  Wasn't doing too bad but that darn French Attack column was still driving me back.

French Lights aggressively try to storm the forest

Cavalry Battle which was hard fought for a few moments
 The Cavalry battle in the Prussian right was classic  French Cuirasseurs, Hussars and their Prussian counterparts.  I was able to take Elite Hussars in this battle which held their own but after losing their Prussian Heavies it was all down hill from there for them.  Matt used his Horse Battery to maximum effect using them the support the cavalry.
Matt (French Commander) looking pretty damn confident
 At the battle of Village on the extreme Prussian left next to the stream this Prussian Line unit held tough repelling everything the French through at it. It finally recoiled at the last turn.  If I had lost that unit that part fo the battle would have went bad pretty quick.

French column starting the push out

French and Prussian Lights and Heavies in a swirling conbat
 So it came down to the Cavalry battle, I have already lost by turn 6 seven units.  Just one more to lose.  Matt help at only 3 units lost.  But it wasn't like I didn't have my chances.  I had two overlaps on the Old Guard unit at the village.  It was a a +6 but I had two overlaps to put put it at an even +4 to +4.  We beat them but they only recoiled.  Just a few units over I flanked the other Young Guard but they beat me and forced the flanker to recoil into a friendly which destroyed them.

Prussians Flank and kill some of the Young Guard

Prussian Lights start shooting up the French Light Infantry
 One of the highlights were my Light and Jagers taking it to the French Lights and then continuing the attack to try and take the hill.  The long range fire was very effective and I look forward to improving my tactics with them.
Prussians throwing everything they have to stop the French Guard
 The battle for the Village was fought to a standstill with the French lines recoiling from the counter Prussian Surge.  We were not going to move the Old Guard very easily.  I needed more Grenadiers to get that tough job done and then I think we can only kill them if we get a flanker where they cannot recoil.  I don't think Matt would have let that happen anyway.
The Prussians repelled the Column attach
 With the French Columns having a +3 in attack column you really have to focus on stopping them any way you can.  If not, and that is the same for any column attack, these formations can wreck your lines pretty quick.  The problem as we have mentioned before is that they can get over extended pretty fast with no supports as they push forward.
Prussian Cavalry getting the worse of it
 You can see in the pictures the gaps that started happening to my Prussian Cavalry battle.  It could have gone either way.

The French Cavalry overlaps are imminent

After a battery was lost to counter battery a French Guard Hussar was on the loose and hit my center column

Prussian and French Cavalry mixing it up

The French holding back a counter Prussian surge

The final rolls which ended the battle

The Prussian Lights attempt to storm the French occupied hill but it was too late

The Guard actually recoiled but still stand!
So that was it,  I lost 8 units to his 3.  Keep in mind that the Old Guard units on the board were worth two points each.  I think it was a good match up despite the losses.  There were some good opportunities that were wasted on some bad rolls.   My artillery battery that was lost to counter battery fire was because I was reduced to only +2 because I was not responding to fire.  I was not in a position to counter battery so suffered a penalty.

Rules Clarification
One thing that was brought up at our last battle at CSGA was the use of Attack Columns on a road.  We are looking into this and I think it makes sense that when you are on a road you have to declare the formation.  Either a march or attack column.  Seems to make sense.

So that is it until next time.  I am looking forward to the next battle against the Guards and also seeing the French take on the Spanish.

Until next battle...

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la garde est triomphante!

Nicely done gentlemen. I wish I had the opportunity to join you yesterday - but other things ruled (like, mainly, the wife).

I need to buy some guard...with Big Battle DBN you can actually justify owning guard troops!