Sunday, November 27, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish - French Grenadier and British Light Infantry

Today I wanted to show off the latest units off the line for the big Song of Drums and Shako (SDS) battles coming up.

I finished those darn British Light Infantry.  Man those were so hard to paint.  All that white and red, well it gets to a point where you get tired of having to "fix" your messes and hope that the wash at the end miraculously covers up mistakes you didn't see.  Well, here they are.  As long as they look British then I did my job...haha.

British Lights ready for action!

SDS Officer showing his Elan and a Trumpeter who provides a re-roll for Group Orders.  
Can't wait to use the Sapper!
And today at our practice game Matt finished up some Perry French Grenadiers for the skirmish battles.  I had given Matt some these Grenadiers to paint up and he did a fantastic job!  I think those were the first 28mm he has painted in years if not ever.  He mixed the colors very nicely and you can see one Grenadier wearing the "spanish" brown cloth in the pictures below.

Matt excellently painted these Grenadiers
Grenadiers are pretty tough Hombre's in SDS.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish - French Line Voltigeurs

More troops coming off the line.  Just finished some Line Voltigeurs.  We will probably use a couple of these to supplement the Grenadier Squad that will be fielded.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish - French Light Infantry

Another Group ready for action at the December Skirmish Battles.  These are French Light Infantry Voltigeurs.  They are from the Perry Miniatures line.

Next in line are 12 British Light Infantry Figures.

French Lights ready for action!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Colonial Barracks Convention - New Orleans Nov 4 - 6

When I heard that Larry and Lori Brom putting the first The Sword and Flame at Colonial Barracks I decided right away I was going.  If it wasn't for Larry Brom's Rules and the movie "Khartoum" I never would have been a war gamer.  So it was a pleasure seeing Lori and Larry after seeing them at Historicon in 2004.  This is the 32nd year that TSATF has been around and has stood the test of time.  
"The Train" Battle
The convention was at the Sheraton Metarie which is only about 25 minutes or so from the French Quarter.   I took Julie and her son Aaron and we had a blast.  For this first visit I took most of my time with sightseeing and playing in the evening.  I am ready to go again next year.  This is a perfect trip to bring your family and everyone will be happy.  I took the opportunity to vista the French Quarter, eat some great food, visit the WWII National Museum, road the Street Car, etc.  Great fun.  Of course I kept sending pictures and text message to Tony Fryer, just to rub it in.  

WWII National Museum
French Quarter
The convention was also a fundraiser for the Creutzfieldt-Jakob Diseasse which took Sara, Wife and Mother in 1999.  It is a worthy cause.  

I met new friends there and ran into a fellow Californio, Ethan Reiff.  Well he lives in California but is from the east coast.  I will be definitely visiting him in California to play in some games or conventions on the West Coast.   Now Ethan drove all the way from California and put on the nice looking terrain of the battle of Maiwand.  I added Ethan's Blog in my Favorite Blog sections, check it out.  Here are some pics from his Maiwand Battle.

Maiwand Troops
More Maiwand Troops
Battery on the move.
Ethan's beautiful Maiwand Table!

Besides seeing Lori and Larry I got to see Jeff Baumal whom I have not seen for many years at a past Historicon.  He put on some great battles and I was fortunate to play in his "The Wind and the Lion" battle.

But if anyone has played the Sword and the Flame before you know the mechanics.  It is a blast, especially in the Wind and the Lion battle where the Raisuli got away but Pedecarus was wounded and taken down.  It almost went according to our Berber plan.  The terrain as I have mentioned is fantastic and I hope to play in another of Jeff's battles at Recon in Coco Beach in the Spring.

Here are some pictures of The Wind and the Lion Battle.  "Mrs. Pedecarus alive or Railsuli dead!" (The Wind and the Lion 1975.)

Jeff's Beautiful Wind Lion Market!
Wind Lion Defenders
 Jeff Far Right next to Ethan
Market Place
Berber Cavalry
Pedecarus goes down!
Raisuli Breakout
Berbers ready to start the Charge!
Berbers on the move!
Germans, French and Moroccans defenders
Building where the Raisuli is being held!
Germans just made it to the walls!
The Honorable Larry Brom. 
The Wind and the Lion Battlefield
French Cavalry ready to charge the gates
Larry overlooking the battle
Berber Cavalry swarming everywhere through the defences.
Berber Surprise attack on the left flank gate.
French Cavalry defend the gate by charging into my Berber mob.
Berbers taking rifle fire from the walls before contact is made
Oh is that Frenchie on the ground...haha!
If you saw the movie, the Marines start the Fire Works!
Larry Brom 1958

VET WARS 2011 / Nov 11 - 13

Well we can wrap up another Vet Wars.  It all came together very well and it seemed that everyone had a great time.  We had plenty of games and plenty of players.  Food was provided which was topped by some delicious Gumbo, rice and Mufaletta's brought in from our very own Louisiana Tiger Tony Fryer.  Thanks Tony.  Personally, I got to play in John Owens Makassar Strait Naval Battle which was a blast.  The next thing I did against my better judgment, was to play in the DBA Campaign knowing that the CSGA DBA Champs were coming up.  Well, as expected being Hittites in the middle of the darn map I didn't last long.   I also played in the DBN tourney put on by Tony.  I played with Rick Stockton and we used the British Army without any Heavy Cavalry.  We lost both battles but still had a good time.  Next time Rick we bring a heavier force!

I thank all of our Game Masters that put on good games all the way around.  Instead of trying to describe everything I would rather just present some of the pictures I took.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made this one of the best Vet Wars yet.  And of course thanks to Doug Wildfong for coordinating this event.

Dan Gurule, President, CMH

List of Vet Wars Game Masters 2011
Dave Newport - Tarawa and WWII Skirmish
Steve Preston - Hydra Plane Boats
John Wharrier - Ambush Z and Knights Cross
Larry Irons - Ancient Warfare
Ed Meyers - Battle Cry
John Owen - Makassar Strait
Doug Wildfong - Fighting Instructions
Stan Stratton - FOW Arnhem
John Brown - DBA Campaign
Tony Fryer - DBN Tourney
Bill Daniel - Saga of the Norsemen
Terry Shockey - DBA Campaign
Dan Gurule - Black Powder Spain

Black Powder Napoloenic - Spain/ Bob moving his Highlanders forward.
Nate and Bob on the advance against the French

Tony and Rick holding off the British Assault
Battle Cry Tournament

There's ole General Lee writing orders.  

Battle Cry Tournament
Steve Prestons EXCELLENT Hydra Plane Boat Race Game!
Boat Pilots  Kevin and Dave.
More BP Spain Action
Tony's Bavarians falling back into the Village 
It was a close battle the French beating the British 2 to 1.

Bob and Nate contemplating, "what did we do wrong?"
Stan's Arnhem Bridge - Nice!
Arnhem with my thumb in the picture...
DBA Tourney in ful swing
Doug bustin a move on John Brown
John's Knights Cross Battle!
Knights Cross!
Dave Newport's NICE Tarawa Board
The Japanese defending Tarawa
DBA Campaign - Art and John going at it!

DBA Campaign - Big Battle - Andrew, Doug, Art, John, Jim, Doug, Bernie
I wonder who is attacking at this moment?
DBA Campaign