Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GHQ Armor for Sale!


I apologize to my friend for not putting these out sooner.  If you were at our CMH Vet Wars we had a lot of nice stuff being traded and sold at the swap meet.  I promised that I would post the pictures of all that Armor that are looking for a home.  This is a good time to get some GHQ World War II armor at some good prices.

If anyone is interested email or call me to let me know what you are looking for .  I will check to see what he has on hand.


Tons of Armor looking for a home
German SPG
Trays and Trays of armor
Aircraft too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wings of War

Wings of War Campaign (10 December 2012)
Gotha Raid
We flew two missions today to kick off our small WWI campaign.  The first was a bombing mission for a lone Gotha Bomber with two (2) Dr. 1’s as escort (John and Gary).  On the Allied side they had a flight of one (1) Sopwith Camel (Nate) and four (3) Sopwith Snipes (Andrew, Anthony and Aaron).  Some of the Pilots were new to WoW but they caught on quickly.  
Running for Home!
The battle lasted until the Gotha (me) made a run at the target and then back over their own lines.  My escort fighters did an excellent job of keeping those pesky Brits off my back while I flew through and lined up my bomb run.  About midway to the target they did get a lucky shot and killed my nose gunner so was a bit defenseless up front.  Other damage I sustained was my tail gunner getting jammed at the wrong moment (of course) and we took some a rudder hit going in and another coming back out while I was “running” for it.  I managed to damage the target but didn’t destroy it.  I missed the target “red dot” by millimeters!  I totally miscalculated my turns before my run and took some extra moves to get lined up.  
Taking their last shots at my Gotha!

So the Gotha suffered some damage but not as much as the Fighters in the Dogfight around me.  Many took over half damage but not enough to get them extra survivor points as laid out in the campaign rules and we did not have any kills.  But one or more turns that could have been a different story.  We used the two original Wings of War Battle mats for this mission. 
So using the Campaign rules I found at the Aerodrome we scored as follows:
Mission 1 – Bomb Run
Gary S./German Dr. 1/Battle Survival = 1 pt
John O./German Dr. 1/Battle Survival = 1 pt
Dan G./German Gotha/Battle survival and damaging target = 2 pts
Nate F./British Sopwith Camel/Battle Survival = 1 pt
Aaron V./British Sopwith Snipe/Battle Survival = 1 pt
Anthony R./British Sopwith Snipe/Battle Survival = 1 pt
Andrew G./British Sopwith Snipe/Battle Survival = 1 pt

Fighter Scramble
We then moved on to the Fighter Scramble.  This was fought with three (3) Sopwith Snipes Piloted by Andrew G., Anthony R. and Aaron V.  We were joined this time by John W. who jumped into a Dr. 1, John O. stayed with his Dr. 1 from the previous Battle and I took an Albatross.  There was some vengeance to be dealt out from the British after our successful German Bombing run.  Besides the usual trash talk across the table the fighting was tenacious.  There was a lot of damage being dealt but again no Kills.  We fought on as long as we could before our players had to start packing up to get home.  So we called the battle after an hour of some good fighting.  I did notice that the players were getting smart.  The ones that were taking damage would get out away from the center of the battle to come back in with a better advantage.  And some made the rookie mistakes of not visualizing the turn before selecting the Turn card.  It was evident with one of the German Players was in a tailing position and for some reason turned completely away from the Brit he was chasing (Nice one John W.).  But for this being the 2nd mission we had a lot of fun and all are looking forward to the next set of missions.  So the points were dished out as follows:
  Mission 2 – Fighter Scramble
John W./German Dr. 1/Battle Survival = 1 pt
John O./German Dr. 1/2 Battle Survival = 1 pts
Dan G./German Gotha/2 Battle Survival = 1 pts
Aaron V./British Sopwith Snipe/Battle Survival = 2 pts
Anthony R./British Sopwith Snipe/Battle Survival = 2 pts
Andrew G./British Sopwith Snipe/2 Battle Survival = 2 pts
These players as points are accumulated will be able to purchase certain skills from the list provided in the Campaign rules.  This should make them more dangerous.  We will see.

Campaign Total Points

Mission 1
 Bomb Run
Mission 2
Gary S.
Dr. 1

John W.
Dr. 1

John O.
Dr. 1
Dan G.
Nate F.

Andrew G.
Anthony R.
Aaron V.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Historicon 2012 - Mexican American Battle of Churubusco

John Mumby and I were able to get into a fun Mexican American War battle at Historicon.  John was on the Mexican side and I was on the...wait a minute...the American side...hey what happened there.  Did I lose the coin toss or something?  Anyway, here is a high level After Action Report on our side of the battle.

The scenario was Churubusco and the Mexican's were in retreat.  They were defending a bridge that their forces had to get across.  There was also a large Mission that was immediately under siege by the Gringos.  Here are the pictures from the battle and I can tell you I was a little nervous when all those Mexicans took on my flanking force which was on their side of the river.  You will see I also pressed an attack on a small church, setup a Battery and kept my Doughboys in the cornfields where its was safe and according to our game master a historical move on the American's part.  John was fighting tough with his Infantry and Cavalry support.

The rules we played were called "So far from God."  The activation was pretty cool with the quality/class of troops dictating how many actions you got.  Where the USA received three actions most of the Mexicans received only one to two.

So I was really relieved to see that it was not just a one sided battle.  The objectives were well thought out and the battle flowed very well.  Of course some of the observers didn't know what to think about John and my Hablar Basura (Trash talk) across the field.  It was a lot of fun and it has me thinking about getting into this very interesting era.

Viva Santa Ana! Viva la Raza!

The excellent terrain of Churubusco

USA Objectives - Bridgehead and Mission

Mexican Cavalry and Infantry looking for my Gringo Brigade

Getting Ready for Battle

John preparing his "flank" for a spanking

Mexican Recon

My view from the corn fields of the Mexican Cav, guns and Infantry

Deploying my battery as quickly as possible

The mission was under siege

My guns against the Mexican Heavy Cavalry
Giving the grapeshot we repulsed them!

More Mex Cav ready to strike us if we came out of the fields
John looking over the field wondering what went wrong

Mexicans jump into the Church, the fight was on!

The mission fell under the Gringo siege

Mexican forces falling back, John in disbelief.

Fight for the church was still raging till the end of the battle
The Cavalry pinned my battery in place, we didn't dare limber..
The Yanks were pressing the bridge defenders and eventually occupied the position.
We overran the church with the Mexicans still inside.  A unit of Dragoons also caught up to me and threw them into the fight against the Mexican Cavalry
Santa Ana ordering the withdrawal

Historicon 2012 - The Convention

So here are some pictures of the Convention itself.  I really liked the venue although it was noisy and the restroom situation needs some improvement.  Overall, I really liked it and can't wait to return next year!  So here are some of my pictures of this great event.

Noisy but a lot of fun!

Space Battles

Fantasy Battles

Flames of War Tourney - always great terrain layouts

People were pretty excited about this game Sergeants!


Battle Cry!

Julie, Richard Borg (Battle Cry) and me
Greg in action at Historicon

Pea Ridge I believe - Civil War

Some Gunboat Action

They even had lights for the gun firing

Colonial Game in action

WWI Dogfighting


Swap meet

Dealers Room - Perry Figs all painted!

Perry Figs

Nice 54's

Sudan Terrain 28mm

54's Display

Great Sudan Display - More inspiration!

Rogers Rangers on the attack - Diorama

Crown Military Minatrures

Micro Armor Diorama