Monday, January 9, 2012

SDS Battles (Jan 8)

I wasn't sure how many players we were going to have but as usual more than I was ready for which is always a good thing.  At the next club meeting we are going to setup a few more tables.
We had a full house of SDS
I setup two 3 x 3 felt tables and Jeff and I threw down some terrain.  The table on the right was meant to be the last scenario in the SDS rule book.  Since we had so many players we made both games "Doubles" which turned out to be a blast.
We played Doubles.  Each player was designated a card, their turn when their card was turned.
On the table with the River, the SDS scenario, it was two British Rifle Squads commanded by Andrew and John defending the House against two French squads on the attack.  The French Light Infantry force consisting of Chasseurs, a Voltigeur, Sapper and three Carabinier were commanded by Rick.  This was a 520 points and I gave them a fording area across the river on their side of the board.  On the left we gave John W. four Dragoons that were to cross the bridge.  This battle was very bloody for the French.  Rick was not able to get across that ford quick enough. John and his Rifles were already starting to pick them off as they crossed the small stream.  The attack on the right was repulsed with not one Frenchman  getting into the Farm Area.

Andrew and John (Rifles) fend off Rick and John W. assault.  Dragoons can be seen on the Bridge.
On the left John W. and his Dragoons were on the move.  Andrew got his Rifles into the Fenced area getting ready for their attack.  As the Dragoons advanced into action they started taking hits from well aimed Rifle shots.  They pushed them back and even put one of them on the ground.  After taking two casualties including the Leader the Dragoons were still able to charge into the Rifles.  The Rifles didn't take a Fear check because they were defending an obstacle.  If the second attack came after the Dragoons getting around the fence then we would have rolled for Fear.  But the first attack was repulsed and the Dragoons had to take a Morale check which had them retreating toward the bridge.  That was then end of the French attack on the left.  And pretty much that ended the battle.

Jeff's Rifles hunkered down behind the walls. 
On the Village Board it was a different story for the French.  We had Ben with the British Lights and Jeff with his Rifles moving into the Village on one side.  Dave with the Old Grognards Grenadiers and Nate with the French Light Infantry moving in quickly from the other.  Dave (Grens) and Ben (Lights) were hammering it out on the left side of the battle.  Ben was able to secure the building on the left and held on to it the entire battle.  On Ben's flank the Rifles were getting ganged up on while defending the Walled Building with the Tower.  Nate and Dave both got French forces into the walls and eventually forced themselves into the first floor.  With Jeff's last few Rifles firing from the Tower it was time to end the battle.  It was a very well fought battle.
Their is John W. moving his Dragoons.
So I think we are moving close to the SDS Campaign.  Tony and I will be releasing the rules based on what we have found on the Ganesha Web Group. I will create a separate blog to explain the Campaign rules.  And when they release the Tournament rules in English we will use them for the Tournament at the end of the Campaign.

Early stage of the battle.  French moving in.
So thanks to everyone that played and the patience while I created extra squads from my collection.  As I mentioned we will be placing at least two more tables at the next meeting.  I think its important for everyone to play in a singles game before the Campaign so you get the feel of the tempo or lack of it during  these fast paced battles.  Those battles should last about an hour tops.  We will set time limits and count up points for the victors record experience points on your squad sheets so you can start improving your squads or having to recruit any killed troops.

Ben's British Lights taking the building on the left!
Take care, see you next battle.



Rafael Pardo said...

Nice pictures and AAR. I am new to SDS and play Solo, so your psot are very enlighting!

Dale said...

High preponderance of Rifles! They will likely dominate the campaign and tournament, especially if given enough hard cover to defend.

Good luck with the campaign and tournament. It should be an enjoyable read.