Friday, July 27, 2012

Australian War Memorial and Museum - Canberra, Australia

I am currently in Canberra and got a chance after my business meetings to visit the War Museum and Memorial. Very nice museum and again I wil post pictures soon. One note. If you get a chance look up on you tube Peter Jacksons short film called crossing the trenches or crossing the line. I forgot which. Anyway, the BEST WWI aerial combat movie I have ever seen. Wow.  Here are some of the pictures from the War Museum.  If you are ever in Canberra it is well worth the trip.  Take the free tour because there is so much to see and great tidbits of information and stories from the Guides there.

Australian War Museum - Back

Australian War Museum - Front

WWI Trench Sniping Rifle

Sniping through mirrors with lanyard on trigger

Great Dioramas throughout




Light Horse charging the Turks


WWII Kubelwagon

Interesting Weapon Storage


Anti Tank Gun

Boxer Rebellion Gunboat


Captured from the Boer

Eternal Flame in Water


Lancaster G for George - Great Story about G

WWI Hall - Fantastic Peter Jackson Dogfight Movie!

National U.S. Marine Museum - Quantico - 2012

As mentioned before as soon as I have a minute or tow I will update this blog regarding my visit tonthis excellent museum at Quantico, Va. I drove here on Sunday at end of Historicon. If you get a chance you have to stop in to see this Museum.  It is one of the best ones I have been too.  I liked it better than the New Orleans, WWII Museum.  There so much to see and they are expanding. Its right off the road on the way to D.C.  Here are few pictures I took.  I will show more at the next club meeting.

National US Marine Museum

Beautiful Building

The Main Hall

All Full Sized Dioramas

Faces are from the actual Marines that were there.

Early Marine History

Fighting Mexicans

Mexican American War

Harpers Ferry - Great Model Dioramas everywhere too.

Hotchkiss 2 pdr

Spanish American War

Colt MG - Spanish American War

Belleau Wood

This lead to a nice movie on the Marine Attack at the Woods

Everywhere you looked there was history


Chosin Reservoir - The diorama was heavily air conditioned to give you the feel

More displays

The Thing - Vietnam



Historicon 2012 - Fredericksburg Battlefield

As soon as I get done travelling I will update this blog regarding my visit to Historicon and the visits to Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania. These are pictures that we took around Fredericksburg.  What a great place for a con, Fredericksburg had so much history.  And of course the Sunken Road was the highlight for me.  Take a look.

Sunken Road

Julie standing in for scale at Maryes Heights behind the wall.

Sunken Road

The Irish Brigade

Maryes Heights pronounced Ma-reez Heights.

The wall

Confederate Defensive postions

Another Cemetery in Fredericksburg

The Sunken Road early evening

Original Wall

View from behind the wall

The Baptist Church

Same Church today

Cemetery close to the Sunken Road