Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recruits (13 - 15 September) in Kansas City

I just wanted to let you know that a bunch of CMH members are driving to Recruits this year.  Many of us have been there before.  I have not and looking forward to playing and putting on some games.  Doug Wildfong and I are going to put on a Bolt Action and Song of Drums and Shako's demonstration games.

The first event will be "Skirmish Actions in Italy - 1943."  This will be our Bolt Action game on a new board I will be building.  We will be pitting the Americans against the Germans and will use the same demo style system as I experienced at Historicon.  Step up play a turn or two, stay if you like, no problem if you can't.  I have a feeling that once they sit down they will not leave.  

So besides introducing new players to Bolt Action I hope to interest some into Naploeonic skirmish.  Our next event is "Skirmish around Vimeiro, Spain, 1808" that will cover some bloody skirmish actions during the Peninsular campaign.

These rules are written by Sergio Lalisicia and are a set of Nappy Skirmish that brings a new twist to skirmish combat in this period. Our club has played them and everyeone that did too a liking to them.  We even put on a Campaign a year ago where everyone played their "squad" in a series of battles which gained them, if the survived, new skills to their troops.  should be allot of fun. 

I hope to see you at Recruits next month.  I am also looking forward to some serious BBQ.  If anyone has any suggestions please post them here!  



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