Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dervish! - Colonial Project

While I was building the gunboat, I love saying that word, GUN-BOAT, it sounds so cool…anyway. As I was building the boat I started to get the dervish forces finished.  Tony and I ordered a bunch of Old Glory last year and it was time for my Colonial Project to kick off in anticipation of starting a rough river campaign.

These Dervish were a lot of fun to paint and I asked Tony and Doug to lend me a hand getting them done.  We ripped through them pretty quickly and I think they turned out great!  These of course are the first of many Dervish figures I will need later on in the final battles of the Campaign but this is a fantastic start.  I do have some Perry Dervish Characters and Fuzzie Rifles to finish up but they won't take long.

Later plans are to add a few more Dervish Rubs, maybe one pack of Perry plastics will do the trick.  I will add some Dervish Horse and some Guns too.  They are even going to get their own converted gunboat and Dhows too.

I have mentioned two of our Campaign personalities in my blogs so far.  Mumbasa who will be played by John Mumby and Osman Dougna who will be played by Doug Wildfong.  Both are veteran gamers, (in fact I think John was actually in the Sudan in the late 80's) and both are devious commanders.  They will be the supreme Mahdist campaign commanders.  One of the story lines of the campaign is for the British to chase these two down dead or alive.  I think everyone is going to have fun with the scenario's I am creating.

The next blogs will be the completion of the Cairo Crew, Royal Marine Light Infantry, Royal Navy Landing Party, Heavy Camel Corps and Grenadier Guard platoons.  And we might introduce some Highlanders for Major Robert's (different story behind that).

So here are a few pictures of the Dervish we finished.  Can't thank Tony and Doug enough for their help.


Gunboat! - Building the Gunboat "Cairo"

First of all, Happy New Year!  It went by fast but we seem to always say that don't we?  I think 2014 is going to be my year, not sure why but something nice is coming my way.  Well at least that is my little prayer to myself.  So what have I been up to?

Behind the scenes I have started a Colonial Project about 3 months ago.  I missed Colonial Barracks, The Sword and the Flame convention in New Orleans again this year.  Not in 2014!  I plan on being there next November with Gunboats blasting, Dervish swarming, Gatlings jamming, oh the fun!  Can't wait!

The first of my projects has been my Gunboat which I have named the Cairo. Yes, it is a fictional name and it is going to be an integral part in the river campaign that will start in a month or so.

So I started researching Nile and Yangtse Gunboats to get an idea of design.  I wanted to build a large one first and then work on smaller craft later.  So I built this 24" x 6" Gunboat which amounts to roughly 120' Length with a 30' beam for my 28mm colonials.  I wanted it to have enough deck space to put on sandbags, foot guns and infantry.  I separated the ships guns from the main deck by putting them on their own upper gun deck.  I still put mounts on the main deck so I could move the guns based on the scenario or the Captains discretion.

I looked at so many pictures, checked out manufacturers, and decided on making my own.  I mean there are some pretty sweet models out there but the prices are pretty high.  I figured with all the materials, extra ship fittings, etc, I rang up between 100 to 150 USD.  And it did take some time, man did it take some time but it was worth the effort.  I went back and forth on how to mount the decks, overall design and ended up with a nice first time prototype.  I have a lot of lessons learned, one is to get the right tools which I am starting to look at now.  This first boat was built with an old mini drill, table saw, mitre saws, xacto blades, paint, brushes, sander, magnets, washers, bass and balsa wood, fittings and guns from Reviersco and Houston Ships.  

I wasn't sure how it was going to come out but there was never a moment when I thought it wasn't going to work out.  This has only given me more incentive to build more boats.  I love doing this and my technique is only going to get better.  With the addition in the upcoming months of better tools from MicroLux, Minicraft and Dremel I should be able to knock these out a little quicker.  My plans are to build smaller craft for the Nile Campaign and later start on Chinese, US and British Yangtse River exploits ala Sand Pebbles.  It's going to be exciting.

You will see ideas and shades of gunboats like the Safieh, Melik, San Pablo and Abbas in the design.  Besides a few pieces that I will add on like: Bollards, sandbags, Flags, a couple of window hatch covers I am pretty much done.

My next boat will be a small side-wheeler based on the Safieh.  First I have to paint up some figures.

Enjoy the pictures of the build.

Thanks and again, Happy New Year from beautiful Colorado!