Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Knights Cross Quick Battle

Quick and Deadly battle somewhere over the Pacific

This afternoon in honor of our guest Boris who comes from Germany we played a 12 turn Knights Cross Battle (KC!).  I am not sure how it happens but it always seems that I get shot down by someone that is just learning the game system.  

Anyway, Boris picked out a Corsair so we gave him a wingman (Doug) and Andrew, Aaron and myself each took a Jap Fighter.  Our plan was simple, we had the numbers so jump them!  

The battle was a pretty good fur ball where everyone stuck in tight looking for a good shot.  Both of the Corsairs took some early hits from our two Tony's and Zeke.  Capt. Boris was feeling out his fighter and started to get it under control and went on the hunt.

It ended up with Boris outmaneuvering me and ended up on my tail right at the last turn.  At the same time Aaron in his Zeke ended up on his tail.  As the bullets tore into my fuselage my Tony's tail came off and I plunged into the ocean.  At the same instant my wingman Aaron tried to stop him but it was too late.  Capt. Boris took more heavy damage to his tail section and he also found himself parachuting into the sea.  

The remaining fighters on both sides withdrew as the battle ended.  

Nice, short hard fight on a Wednesday afternoon.  


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