Sunday, June 1, 2014

DBN Battle of Abundancia (15mm)

So my French opponent Mr. Matt V. brought over his French for a practice DBN battle.  We came up with 36 points using the minimums as stated in the DBN 2.1 with some minor variations.  If you take a look at my blog you will see a Black Powder battle of the same Abundancia scenario.  For this battle I reduced the size to conform to the the DBN format of a 2 x 4 foot battle area.  This an interesting battle because you really have to think of your force composition in order to attack and take as many objectives to get the 55 points of the 100 available to win.  Both sides start with their main entry and baggage area (10 pts) and a hill (10 pts) that are within the 6" deployment zone.  Then the battle for the main hill, woods and a race to the farm which is worth 25 points.

We each split into three commands and each commander had their own die roll to get their command pips.  The French had their 1812 era "chrome" of a +3 to their attack columns and +1 to all Command rolls.  The British "chrome" is that their light cavalry must pursue and British fire with a +1.

I won the setup roll so was the attacker.  Matt setup his French then I setup my British and moved first.  The battle went 8 turns but we plan a 10 turn battle for a competition battle against our rival club in Colorado Springs.

I will say no more enjoy the battle.

Last Stand Dan

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Most impressive pictures!