Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gunboats and Dhows for Colonial Barracks V (Part 1 Dhows)

I wanted to share with you what I have been up to lately.  As part of my Sudan campaign past and future I have been looking for Dhow models.  I wasn't totally satisfied with what I found out there, or at least they were not what I envisioned.  So I spotted and purchased several Laser Dream Work (LDW) Dhow models (  And in keeping with my vision of what I thought they should look like I modified them.  Typically, most of the Dhows I had researched were single masted.  And these LDW models could also be modified easily by removing the mizzen mast and propping up a sun shade for the Bridge crew.  Of course being the guy I am, and you might have seen my TMP post.  I was so curious on how the Lateen sails operated. I have a pretty good idea now.  So I took the liberty as you will see to rig it up "wargame style."

Oh, and if anyone at Colonial Barracks tells me these are not historically accurate replicas then they are going to lose some movement dice at the worst possible moment in the battle.  lol.

Thanks to Laser Dream Works for their excellent Dhow kits.  Thanks to Bill Daniel for constantly getting on my case to keep blogging. And for him making some excellent mud forts, hills that I will showcase at CBV.  And thanks to Patrick Wilson.  We will be using his Boilers and Breechloaders rules which is available at TVAG ( for the upcoming Gunboat and Dhow battle at CBV in Metarie in a few weeks.

I end with my great friend Ethan who told me, "he looks forward to commanding one of these boats or... blowing them out of the water depending on which side he is on."  It should be a lot of fun in the Big Easy.

I hope you enjoy the play by play of the build.  As always I have made notes in the pictures so you don't have to jump in and out for a narrative.  I will be blogging the HMS Giza gunboat and the modifications she just went through next so stay tuned.  

Last Stand Dan


William Daniel said...

nice job Dan and they are even more wonderful in person.

Tony said...

Great job.


Sgt. Guinness said...

Very cool!


Hal Thinglum said...

Hello Dan - I would like to be referred to your friend who made the island fort for your Sudan riverboat game. Love your work! Kindest regards - Hal Thinglum (