Monday, February 15, 2016

Fourth Battle on the Nile

So this last weekend's Club meeting I put on another Gunboat battle for the members that didn't get a chance to play in the last three.  I mixed it up and changed it a little.  The battle got a little crowded with boats but only because Mr. Bill Daniel delivered an awesome Mud Fortress terrain piece.  It was beautiful at over 3 feet wide and about 20" deep.  I had to put it out there!  It worked out pretty well and of course next time I will provide a little more maneuvering room...or not.  So here is a short  AAR from the battle yesterday at the Colorado Military Historian club meeting.

The Battle
The background is that the last battles had the British retreating and the Dervish advancing slowly downriver toward Khartoum.  So at this point, at an intersection of a tributary running into the Nile is where this one is set.  The British are raiding the area and are at their deployment areas.  Unknowing to all was a lost company of Camel Corps who have made their way here hoping to be rescued.  But that was just a side show the battle raging on the North Point and on the water.  Well it didn't seem like a side show to Major Roberts of the Camel Corps.  Let the battle begin.

I wanted to thanks all the players who played in the battle.  Special thanks to Bill Daniel who makes all of my terrain including that new mud fortress in this AAR.  And thanks to Dwight for the flicker candle fire marker idea.  He used one at Colonial Barracks and thought wow, its the little things that can bring some realism into your tabletop battles.