Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Blood and Plunder, by Firelock Games at Recon 2016

I just wanted to throw a quick word out about Mike Tunez's new Pirate game and Kickstarter called Blood and Plunder (by Firelock Games).  I got ta chance to speak with him and his colleague to get a high level view of the gaming system and it sounds great.  I haven't joined any kickstarter to date so this is my first one.

If you take a look at the picture gallery and watch the video I think you will be impressed.  Brings back many memories of great Pirate movies old and new.  I got to see these figures and they are very well cast and will fit right in with other well made 28mm figures.  The ships are resin and they look look very nice.

Well take a look at the link if you get a chance and you can see for yourself.

More blogging on Recon 2016 to follow.  Have to sort through all the pictures we took.  And after driving for 27 hours through 6 states to get back to Denver with Bill, well give me a little break. lol.

I wish Mike and his staff at Firelock Games good luck, and look forward to seeing it all succeed.

Last Stand Dan

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