Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gunboat to the Rescue! (A Sudan Battle)

I hosted another battle here in my basement for my cousins who have never played a miniature battle before.  I think they are hooked.  We had a blast.

Using The Sword and the Flame and my new river rules Gunboat and Dhow which will be released soon, we had a hard close fight.  With Commander Lloyd and Lt. Commander Ian leading the British and Egyptian forces I took on the role of the Dervish.

The battle was scheduled for eight (8) turns and using both sets of rules for river and ground combat we had no problem completing the battle in around 3 hours.  The Gunboat and Dhow rules are being written to provide a means of maintaining the flow of TSATF and not slow anything down during play.  There will be more on that later.  To the battle!

The Anglo/Egyptian Force:
B Class Gunboat 77 with two main guns, a squad of Marines lead by Lt. Cmdr. Ian
Shore party of a Royal Marine unit plus a Screw Gun lead by Cmdr. Lloyd.

The Dervish Force:
Three Jihadiya units
Three Handendoah units
Two Kordufan units
Two Krupp 6pdrs
One Rifle unit

The premise of this scenario is that the Egyptians are under siege all over the Sudan.  This is a battle where a Colonel Rashid with a unit of regulars fled to the river and setup camp.  Here they wait for an   evacuation.  The British are on the way to their position but are going in slowly.  A Dervish trap is suspected.  The gunboat has made its way into the area, deployed Marines and a gun and will steam up the river to the Egyptian camp cautiously.

I setup VPs for destroying units, capturing Rashid, etc.  It ended up some something like 94 to 127 in favor of the...oh yeah, take a look at the pictorial After Action Report.

It was a fun and great way to spend a Saturday morning, fighting with the family...

I hope you enjoy the blog...

Last Stand Dan

Note: Gunboat is scratch built model from Last Stand Boatyard, the hills you see on the table are from Bill's Gamer Garage.