Sunday, April 23, 2017

New 15mm Nile Boats - Last Stand Dan Boatyard

Well, I have been getting asked where I have been lately.  You know how life gets in the way.  My new job has me on the road again.  Recon 2017 is right around the corner and I still have lots to do.  But in the meantime I have been busy.  Getting a lot of requests for 15mm so I thought I would start building a few.

And again, these are not meant to be Historical models.  They are my interpretations of what I see in various forms of media.  My intention is to make them functional for you to put 'bases' of troops compared to individual figures as we do in lager scales.

I am almost finished with six (6) Dhows and four (4) gunboats.  I have them here showing some of the different stages of the builds.  I would like to say they are easier to build than 28's but I can't.  They definitely take less material but making sails and paddle wheels still take time.  Just a couple of small details on each model and they are ready for a fight.

I will definitely update my catalog later this week.  I will add these 15's and looking forward to releasing a "Quick Play" Packet of my Gunboat and Dhow! rules.  The Gunboat scenario collection will be also be coming out soon which many are from my Sudan Campaign a couple of years ago.  I will tell you more about those next week.

Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope to see some of you at Recon in Orlando.

Oh and I had the privilege of hosting Sgt. Guinness and his lovely Wife here in Colorado a couple of weeks ago during their visit to see family.  It was great to see him here in my "Dan" Cave to show him around and have a couple of cold ones.  See you at Recon Sgt.!

Happy Gaming!

Last Stand Dan (Gurule)

Keep sending those suggestions on boat builds.  In 15mm I think a Melik Class type screw boat and and large Dhow (twin mast) is next.  Then its back to 28mm Sudan with some new boats and working out some designs on some Junks.  I also have some Congo Boat requests I need to look at.

Please let me know if anyone is looking for any river coastal terrain and I will get the word out to Bill at Bill's Gamer Garage (i.e. Mud Forts, sand bars, Gun and rifle pits, etc.).


Mad Guru said...

Dan, they all look FANTASTIC!!! If I didn't know I'd honestly think they were more 28mm size models!

I am very jealous of Sgt. Guiness and Mrs. Guiness! Hopefully some day myself and Mrs. Guru can follow in their footsteps!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Quite a naval contingent at work in your naval Yard! Love the stern wheelers!

William Daniel said...

Hey Nice 15mm boats but I want my Congo boat!!!!!!!

Mltiadis said...

they are so wonderful! Are they for sale? It seems a little difficult to build them if you are not Mr Dan!