Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hurricon 2016 - Col. Hogan's The Siege of Khartoum Scenario

And now the last of the three battles to save Gordon at Khartoum.  To put this all together, we have two previous battles, each effecting the next.  The two battles before Khartoum both were dervish victories which made the Anglo/Egyptian late coming to the battles.  The gunboats with the remnants of the Camel Corps only made it to the Khartoum docks at the last turn.  The dervish ended up winning all three battles, Gordon was saved but Khartoum and Metemmeh were all lost.

This battle in particular featured the Khartoum model that is part of Bill's collection.  Take a look.  And as always we neglected to take all of the pictures that would have made this AAR better.  I hope you enjoyed them anyway.  

Thanks to Bill Hogan and Mike Lucas for putting all of this on.  It was fun coordinating all the battles with Bill and Mike over phone calls and Emails.  I look forward to the next project.

Last Stand Dan

Hurricon 2016 - Capt. Lucas's Action at Metemmeh Scenario

This is the second battle of the trilogy put on by Mike Lucas.  The terrain you see was a 20 minute conversion from the first battle.  It made things easier for all three battles to be able to keep and use the same board.  We just had to reconfigure all the cut foam underneath the canvas.

So the first battle was the running of the guns to Metemmeh and this battle was to try and link up with the Camel Corps to go back and help save Gordon at Khartoum.

Again, getting involved with the battle we forgot to take more pictures.  I think we caught enough to give you an idea of what we were doing.

Thanks Capt. Lucas for putting this one on I enjoyed it.

Last Stand Dan

Hurricon 2016 - Last Stand's Full Ahead to Metemmeh Scenario

So here is the installment of the first of the Sudan trilogy at Hurricon.  The objective of this battle was to get boats off the south end in order to join the fight at Metemmeh.  It was a hard fought battle but overall the Dervish did what they set out to do and that was to slow down the Anglo/Egyptian flotilla.  Thanks for all of the players that participated.  I hope you had as much fun as I had putting it on.

Last Stand Dan

Hurricon 2016 - Sgt. Guinness's Aba Island Scenario

After a long but nice drive to Orlando I was able to play in multiple games and most importantly meet up with my friends in the East.  It was a great time!  One of the first battles that I played in was put on by Sgt. Guinness (Jeff Baumal).  He dusted off a board that Bill Moreno of Good Ground miniatures ( made for him many, many years ago.  It still looked great as you will see!

The scenario had the Egyptians looking for the so called Mahdi who was on this Island.  They deployed a couple of steamers loaded with various Egyptian troops to land to search and bring the Mahdi back to Egypt.  Like that was going to happen...

We didn't get too many pictures of the battle but it ended up with Mahdi still running free on the Island with Egyptian troops still looking for him. So it was a victory for the Dervish who were able to inflict casualties on the Egyptians who happened to land a force on one side of the island right in front of the hiding Dervish.  We did get pictures of that of course...

It is a very good scenario that Jeff put on and I look forward to playing it again in the future.  Everyone had a great time.

Last Stand Dan

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