Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ambush Alley (Modern Urban Combat)

I just wanted to make a comment or two regarding the very nice set of rules called Ambush Alley.  Some of you have played in my battles before.  At the time I was looking for a game system that was easy to learn and still gave you the feel of Modern urban combat.  They also have great support and other scenarios you can download from the Ambush Alley website.  It helped having my Nephew Andrew (Marine) who fought "over there" to comment on the rules while we were learning them.  We came up with many scenarios and we will revisit next year in order to put on some battles at the club.  The game is played on a 2 x 2  or a 2 x 4 square table, usually filled with many buildings, burnt out vehicles and alleys.  You take your squads into the hostile neighborhoods of an Iraq city to accomplish your mission.  As your troops move through the alleys and enter buildings the hidden Insurgents are able to react to those moves which is the core of the free flowing rule system. Its allot of fun and very intense.  I will be running a game or two at Genghis Con (2011), I hope you can join us.  

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