Friday, December 24, 2010

Brookhurst Hobbies

Brookhurst Hobbies, Garden Grove, California. (Link to Brookhurst Hobbies)

Wow, since the third grade (now 51yrs old) I have been coming to Brookhurst Hobbies.  I remember my friends, Mike and Tim (twins) and I would ride our bikes from our town of Artesia just to get there and buy something.

The Temple Entry
It would take us over an hour to ride to their old location a mile or so from where they are now.  It was a long ride for us at the time but always worth it.  The staff always asked if they could help us find something but we always said no because it was like a treasure hunt. This is where I bought my first Airfix figures, terrain pieces, glue, paint, etc. So many memories.
Its a tradition now, that every time I come to visit my family I have to stop in and say hello to Larry and the Twins Louie and Steve.  So I posted a couple of pictures here just to give you an idea of what it looks like.  Again, anytime anyone knows I am coming down just let me know and I can pick up what you need.    
A FULL Rules Rack


Tony said...

Dan! Merry Christmas! Brookhurst is a great place for sure...later in the new year, they're getting my Peter Pig order for 'Nam.

Eric E said...

Someday I need to check it out in person.