Monday, November 22, 2010

Regimental Fire and Fury

The next small project for Matt V. and I will be to fight some battles using the new Regimental Fire and Fury Battles.  We are reading through the rules now and will start with the introductory scenario the Battle of Ball's Bluff, October 21, 1861.  We plan on fighting it twice and writing up after action reports focused focused mainly on the rules.  We are then going to replay it using Black Powder to see how they compare. Should be interesting.  We will make sure to take some pictures.  If anyone is interested in participating we will let you know when and where.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ambush Alley (Modern Urban Combat)

I just wanted to make a comment or two regarding the very nice set of rules called Ambush Alley.  Some of you have played in my battles before.  At the time I was looking for a game system that was easy to learn and still gave you the feel of Modern urban combat.  They also have great support and other scenarios you can download from the Ambush Alley website.  It helped having my Nephew Andrew (Marine) who fought "over there" to comment on the rules while we were learning them.  We came up with many scenarios and we will revisit next year in order to put on some battles at the club.  The game is played on a 2 x 2  or a 2 x 4 square table, usually filled with many buildings, burnt out vehicles and alleys.  You take your squads into the hostile neighborhoods of an Iraq city to accomplish your mission.  As your troops move through the alleys and enter buildings the hidden Insurgents are able to react to those moves which is the core of the free flowing rule system. Its allot of fun and very intense.  I will be running a game or two at Genghis Con (2011), I hope you can join us.  

Genghis Con (2011)

Next year I have decided to come out of Convention retirement.  Along with other CMH members I am going to put on a couple of games.  A Black Power Napoleonic battle in Spain and a Modern Iraq battle using the excellent Ambush Alley Rules.  Here is the listing.  

Napoleonic 15mm
Black Powder Rules
Cadiz, Spain, January 1812
This battle simulates a typical scenario where the besieging French are caught
off Guard by British columns trying to breakout into the Spanish countryside.
Experience: Beginner +
Figures provided
Saturday Morning (4 hours max)
Number of Players: 4
Dan Gurule, CMH

Modern Iraq 15mm
Ambush Alley/Force on Force Rules
Modern Day Iraq
As a Squad or Platoon Leader you will lead your Marines into a hostile
neighborhood seeking out a local warlord. The house to house fighting will be
intense and bloody.
Experience: Beginner +
Figures provided
Saturday Afternoon (4 hours max)
Number of Players: 6
Dan Gurule, CMH

1st Annual DBN Tournament (2010)

I wanted to get into a little detail regarding the DBN Tournament held at Vet Wars 2010.  First I would like to acknowledge the players that participated with their scores.  In the tourney you ended the game by scoring 4 points or the one hour clock expired. Then we took each Win/Loss score for the 3 battles you played to get a Kill Ratio.  These are the official individual results results.  Overall team victory goes to the French Players scoring a (+) 1 to (-) 1 Kill Ratio.  Vive le France!

1. Terry S. - Playing the British scored 4/1, 4/0, and 1/3 for the top kill ratio of (+) 6.
2. Andrew G. - Playing the British scored 4/1, 2/2, and 4/2 for the second spot of (+) 5.
3. Tony F. - Playing the French scored 4/1, 4/1, 2/4 for a third place ratio of (+) 4.
4. Collin - Playing a French Army scored 4/1, 0/4, 4/1 for a tie for 4th place with a ratio of (+) 2.
4. Nate - Playing a French Army scored 2/1, 0/0, 2/1 for a tie for 4th place with a ratio of (+) 2.
5. Matt - Playing a Prussian Army scored 1/4, 0/0, 4/3 for a 5th place ratio of (-) 2.
6. John - Playing a French Army scored 1/4, 4/2, 4/6 for a 6th place ratio of (-) 3.
7. Greg - Playing a French Army scored 1/4, 2/2, 3/4 tied at 7th place with a ratio of (-) 4.
7. Dan - Playing an Austrian Army scored 1/4, 1/4, 6/4 tied at 7th place with a ratio of (-) 4.
8. Scott - Playing an Austrian Army scored 1/2, 2/4, 1/4 took the bottom spot with a kill ratio of (-) 6.

So we had 10 players fighting with 12 point Armies on preset 2 x 2 terrain boards.  You can see that those nasty British Armies with that excellent firepower took the top two spots.  And you can also see that the Austrians were pretty much at the bottom during this 1812 Campaign.  Looking forward to next years tourney.  We will look at fighting 1813/1814 next time?

DBN Terrain Boards

This is my first post on my new blog.  Looking for comments on the boards that were built and used in the DBN tournament. Were some boards tougher to fight on than others?  I was hearing that the Bridge Board and the one with the two forests and bad going were challenging.  Well that is what it's all about.  See Tony's DBN Post.