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The 1812 DBN Battle in the Basement is Done

Battles On!

It's over and we all had a blast.  It ended up as a French/American Team Victory with an overall kill ratio of 11 to the Allied 8.  The First place Commander today was John Mumby.  No that was not a typo.  John commanded a French force and took it to Andrew the British Commander in the Peninsula and then took care of my Prussians back on the continent.  Nice job!

John ordering his troops to attack

The overall Axis Score had a kill ratio of 11 to the Allied 8.  The individual scores were:

  1. John Mumby/French (+6)
  2. Nate Forte/French (+4)
  3. John Brown/Americans (+1)
  4. Terry Shocky/British (0)
  5. Andrew Gurule/British (-4)
  6. Dan Gurule/Prussian (-7)

Battle for the woods, Andrew and John

First Round

United States
The first battle in the US was a hard fought tie.  The Americans were on the attack and were forcing the river where Terry's British were waiting for them.  Crossing a river is always a hard operation but John was making his way and taking on the Elite Firing British head on.  (1 to 1)

The next battle the Americans took on another British Force commanded this time by Andrew who just lost a battle in the Peninsula.  Andrew was determined to put down the American's quickly but it ended up in another hard fought battle. The final score was a victory for the Americans and this British force were going back to England in shame. (4 to 3)

Terry and John working it out

Spanish Peninsula
Andrew's British Force was attempting a breakout in Spain. He was against a strong French force commanded by John Mumby.  The battle took shape and became focused on some woods in the French center.  However, Andrew made a couple of mistakes leaving his Battery in the open on a road where the French sent out a Battalion to take it out.  Another mistake was made when the British Cavalry recoiled into some friendlies rendering them a casualty.  The casualties started to mount and ended in a French Victory.  (4 to 1)

Terry took his British after a draw in the America's to redeem the British loss in the Spain.  He went up against Nate's French forces fresh from a victory on the continent.  These two have fought each other before and when the sun finally went down it was a drawn battle. (2 to 2)

Stubborn Americans

The first battle on the continent was against Nate's French and Dan's Prussians.  The Heavy Cavalry of the French and attack columns started wearing me down.  I lost my heavy cavalry early on and my infantry were starting to waiver.  After a lot of fire combat our lines finally were engaged.  The French Attack was a strong one and I started losing units.  On the last bound of the battle I lost two units to his infantry and lost badly.  (4 to 0)

French and Prussians forming up

The last battle in Europe were my beaten up Prussians against John's French fresh from the Peninsula.  We had a lot of long range Battery combat but it didn't do any damage.  As the French started moving in closer the Prussians finally got their break where one of their Attack Columns lead by my Grenadiers started to punch into the French in the center.  At the same time the Prussian Heavy Cavalry engaged the French Heavy and Light units coming up on my right.

French and Prussians

My infantry attack column were up against his Grenadiers and we pushed them all the way back to their Baggage Train. At the same time John's Cavalry defeated my Cavalry and the Mad Dragoon Charge was on!  After he cut down my cav my infantry were their next target and after two repulsed charges they finally rode them down.  At this point I am two units down and my impetuous Attack Column can't be stopped.  The Dragoons went on to hit my Battery in the center and destroyed that.  During that turn the devious Mumby moved some infantry to the rear of my attack column.  During that turn I could have destroyed a French Grenadier but I lost and my column recoiled into the enemy in my rear.  The battle was over and I lost. (4 to 1)

Americans crossing the river

Again overall it was a great time.  We dusted off the DBN cob webs and will be ready for the next few DBN events.  Hope to see some of you at CSGA next week.  Its going to be another fun time!  Thanks John, Terry, Andrew, Nate and John for coming over!


Americans ready to force the river

General's Dice Cup, left behind...

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