Friday, August 19, 2011

1812 Mini DBN Practice Tournament (Dan's Basement)

1812 DBN Mini Tournament (Dan's Basement)
Tomorrow I am throwing a mini 1812 DBN tournament for those interested in practicing for the 2nd Annual Vet Wars DBN tournament.  As you can see the Tables are ready as are the Armies.
Table 1 (fore) Brits and USA
This tourney is based on overall kill and casualty ratio for the Tourney Champion and we total those scores up for an overall Team winner.

We play it like DBA.  When the players arrive they will take their army, roll for sides, French i 1812 get a +1 aggression.  Then they will turn the board based on what side the Attackers gets to come in from.  The Terrain is already setup.  Place your camps, Defender deploys first within 6 inches from his base and 3 inches from the board edges.  Attacker then sets up his forces and you are ready to go.
Table 3 (fore) Prussians/French Table 4 Austrians/French
For this 1812 Historical Tourney the French always get a +1 CAP to their roll.  Additionally, the attacker on the first turn only gets a +2 to their CAP roll.  From the that point on the attacker is obliged to move a unit forward every turn until a unit is within 3 inches of the enemy.
1812 Americans
The sequence is familiar to those DBA players.  Command Phase, Movement, Combat (Firing) and Close Combat Phase.  Then it is the Defender's bound.
1812 Americans Closeup

Each game last until 4 units are destroyed or time is called.  CnC's, Baggage/Camps and Old Guard (none in 1812) all count for two points.
Table 2 Brits and French

Each army in 1812 has some special attributes. British Musket always get a +1 when firing, The French get a +1 CAP roll and a +3 when in Attack Column, the Austrians and Prussians have no special rules.

I have three (3) French and one (1) American Army going against two (2) British, one (1) Prussian and one (1) Austrian.  All are 12 point armies. In this tourney there will be two battles each.  The Special case here is that the Americans will fight the two British Armies who will swap troops for Brits in the Americas and then in the Peninsula against the French.
Table 4 Austrian and Prussian
The armies you see here are just placed in random formations waiting for their commanders.  Once the Commanders arrive they will dice for defender, attacker and table sides.  I will take more pictures and post the results tomorrow.

This should be a blast.

Note: we are going to do another one of these next Saturday at CSGA in the Springs.  Hope to see all of you there.

Colonel "Danjou"

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