Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tonight I finished my Prussian Army "Camp" for my next battle.  It is an Essex Prussian Caisson Set.  It is on the 40 x 80 mm base which was textured with Liquidtex ceramic Stucco.  I then painted it brown, edge it with flocking and finished it with a couple of grass tufts. I think it came out pretty good.

Prussian Caisson (DBN Camp)

I also finished two more guns this evening that will give me a total of three (3) batteries.  My additional two (2) Prussian Grenadiers were also added to my force. Having more Elite (E) units really beef us up my force for our next dance with the French.  So all of this gives me two 11.5 point Prussian armies which by the end of the year I will add one more Army for the Big Battle games.

Two Prussian Batteries and some 1812 US ready for Varnish

Tw0 11.5 Point 1812 Prussians ready for action

Prussian Army (x2)

General + Jg + (4) Ms + (2) Ms(E) + Lc (E) + Hc + Na = 11.5

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