Friday, September 9, 2011

Gettysburg Soldiers - ACW Miniature Rules

At the suggestion of John M. I thought I would order these new rules called Gettysburg Soldiers.  They are the 150th Civil War Anniversary Edition (

One copy of the rules is around 20 bucks with shipping but they have this special of two copies for a total of 25 bucks including shipping.

I really like the format.  You can see in the pictures that it has a low profile that is great to have on the table edge.  I placed my 6 and 10 inch range sticks to give you a reference.  It has many color pictures and easy to read.

At first look it uses 2D6 for all of the rolls.  The sequence is that each player rolls to see who has the choice of moving first or second.  When moves are all completed you roll again to see who shoots first.

The tables and modifiers are similar to Regimental  Fire and Fury, i.e., losing a base and retreating or routing depending on how bad the target is hit.

Then the melee is fought where both sides roll and the difference is used to consult the charts.

I am scheduled to run a Fire and Fury battle this weekend at our Club meeting on Sunday.  I may have to run a Gettysburg Soldier rules battle and re-fight it.  It looks like a lot of fun and I would suggest getting them in pairs so each side can have a set of rules in front of them.  Its only 22 pages long and one look at it and your ready to fight.

Take a look at their excellent website.  There are some pretty nice Diorama's and other nice stuff.



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Tony said...

Sweet! Looking forward to seeing them in action. We will have to play my new ones too!