Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish - Dragoons

I just finished painting up the 8 dismounted Dragoons from the excellent Perry Miniatures 28mm Line.  They were very easy to glue together, primer and paint.  I don't paint the 28mm very often but I have to say its pretty easy and rewarding when its done.  Thanks to Doug Wildfong for helping me out again giving some great tips on colors and technique.

So as you know we are going to put on a couple of games of Songs of Drums and Shakos (SDS).  Using Tony's figures and the ones I will have ready we should have a pretty good time.

I played SDS with Tony, Matt G., Andrew G. and I was taken by the rules, the terrain, the large figures  and dove right into it by purchasing figures for the Perry Bros.

So here are a few pictures, I know the lighting is not that great but I have a new camera and still figuring it out.

By December 10 I should have units of British Rifles, Dragoons, British Lights, and various French units of Voltigeurs, Lights and Grenadiers being painted by Matt V.

Anyone is invited to play, I hope you can join us.


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Tony said...

Danno! Those look great! I am looking forward to the game in December!