Sunday, November 27, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmish - French Grenadier and British Light Infantry

Today I wanted to show off the latest units off the line for the big Song of Drums and Shako (SDS) battles coming up.

I finished those darn British Light Infantry.  Man those were so hard to paint.  All that white and red, well it gets to a point where you get tired of having to "fix" your messes and hope that the wash at the end miraculously covers up mistakes you didn't see.  Well, here they are.  As long as they look British then I did my job...haha.

British Lights ready for action!

SDS Officer showing his Elan and a Trumpeter who provides a re-roll for Group Orders.  
Can't wait to use the Sapper!
And today at our practice game Matt finished up some Perry French Grenadiers for the skirmish battles.  I had given Matt some these Grenadiers to paint up and he did a fantastic job!  I think those were the first 28mm he has painted in years if not ever.  He mixed the colors very nicely and you can see one Grenadier wearing the "spanish" brown cloth in the pictures below.

Matt excellently painted these Grenadiers
Grenadiers are pretty tough Hombre's in SDS.

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Tony said...

Dan - and Matt - your figs look great...and...they looked and played great last night! Well done and I am so glad to have friends and gamers like yourselves!