Sunday, December 11, 2011

SDS Battles (Dec11)

Today Tony and I attempted to put on three introduction games at once.  I think it went pretty well.  We had a few players who had played before which helped us out.  We had 16 players show up to play and we had just enough troops.  Well, I say that, but it seems like new squads are coming out of the woodwork which is great.   I saw new squads of Royal Marines and Sailors with long boats!, Highlanders, Rifles, etc.

So we will be scheduling more battles through the winter and will start a semi formal like campaign which should be a lot of fun.

So here are some pictures I took and Tony on his blog will have more to check out.

Thanks to all that played!  I had a good time seeing everyone else having a good time.


As the Dragoon Patrols close the Rifles take the walls..
Nate, Colin, Greg, Dave, Stan and Matt in battle.
Greg's Mission.  A Beautiful place for a spanish fight.
Royal Marine Raiding Party

A Hussar Messenger making a run for it.  Nope, didn't make it.

Room to Room fighting was fierce!

Matt's Old Grognards in the woods



Tony said...

Sweet pics of those Frenchmen in the trees!

Fun games today - lots of folks, troop sand activities!

You're an excellent co-host Mr. Gurule!

Sergio said...

this is awesome! Great terrain, a lot of people and very nicely painted miniatures. It is a pleasure for me to see that so many people all around the world play my game enjoying themselves (I'm so proud :)
I signed up in your blog to follow your games more closely...
Sergio Laliscia

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