Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SDS Spanish Campaign - Let the Hostilities begin 12 Feb

The CMH SDS Campaign is getting closer to the start.  The first draft of the Campaign rules have been posted to the CMH File section.  I will start getting force compositions, checking the points, etc., from our SDS players.  The After Action Reports will be posted here and submitted to our CMH newsletter.

The first battles will commence at Vimiero (1808).  Each player will fight two actions against various opponents collecting experience points that will be used to replace "killed" soldiers and/or improve on their squad abilities.  After Vimiero (1808), we will move to Talavera (1809), Busaco (1810) and Salamanca (1812).

After each of these rounds, a winner will be recognized with an overall winner at the end of the four (4) year campaign.

Its going to be fun!

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