Monday, February 27, 2012

SDS Spanish Campaign - 26 February

Yesterday, Sunday I hosted a session for those players that have not fought their two battles yet.  We had the following players show up.  Matt with his "Old Grognard" Line Veteran Grenadier unit, John W. with his Wild Highlanders, Eric played the British Light Infantry and Nate played once with a French Legere and then again with a French Line unit.  I filled in playing British Lights and then French Legere.  We still have a few players that need to get their battles in so we will be making them up next weekend.

I should be able to start to after action reports very soon and by next week hopefully wrap up the actions at Vimeiro so we can move on to Talvera's Portina Stream.  Here are some shots from yesterday.

Everyone had a great time.  We had food and drinks available and everyone got in their battles.  The scores for the Vimeiro Campaign will be tallied up and posted next week.  Our next location will be the Portina Stream at Talavera.

French Lights going up against Erics Brit Lights  

Eric's Lights in skirmish across the field.  

Matt's Grenadier "firing squad" taking down my Lights.

Eric's lights in action against Matt's Grenadiers.

Grenadiers busting town the door at the Tower

Nates' Lights taking the fence where we had some tough fighting.  

Matt's Grens fighting for the tower.  Those lights wouldn't let go.

My Rifles Captain jumped the fence and skewered a Voltigeur!

"Verbal fencing" by Matt and Eric with John watching on.

And them my Rifles Captain is shot by Nate's Legere.

Here we go, Eric crossing the open ground and taking down my Voltigeur.

I send some help, these became 1 and 2 of 5 that were shot in the battle by Eric's Lights.

My center was pinned by Lights in the Rocks across the field.  I couldn't get them released to help my left flank.

Another shot of the Rock line.

Ah, Bagpipes, here they come against Nate's large line unit.

Nate's force was so big it looked like a column.  Highlanders were not amused.

Legere and Lights Fire fight.  

Man I had this guy in my sights! And sure enough the group of Lights coming up shot this Voltigeur down too.

Highlander and French Line in a fire fight.

The Highlanders wounded two French Line with no losses to his unit.

Another view of Line and the Kilted ones going at it. 

French take the wall.

This fight ended up in a draw with time running out and nether side quit the field.  

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Some really nice pictures! Looks like loads of fun.