Saturday, August 4, 2012

Historicon 2012 - Mexican American Battle of Churubusco

John Mumby and I were able to get into a fun Mexican American War battle at Historicon.  John was on the Mexican side and I was on the...wait a minute...the American side...hey what happened there.  Did I lose the coin toss or something?  Anyway, here is a high level After Action Report on our side of the battle.

The scenario was Churubusco and the Mexican's were in retreat.  They were defending a bridge that their forces had to get across.  There was also a large Mission that was immediately under siege by the Gringos.  Here are the pictures from the battle and I can tell you I was a little nervous when all those Mexicans took on my flanking force which was on their side of the river.  You will see I also pressed an attack on a small church, setup a Battery and kept my Doughboys in the cornfields where its was safe and according to our game master a historical move on the American's part.  John was fighting tough with his Infantry and Cavalry support.

The rules we played were called "So far from God."  The activation was pretty cool with the quality/class of troops dictating how many actions you got.  Where the USA received three actions most of the Mexicans received only one to two.

So I was really relieved to see that it was not just a one sided battle.  The objectives were well thought out and the battle flowed very well.  Of course some of the observers didn't know what to think about John and my Hablar Basura (Trash talk) across the field.  It was a lot of fun and it has me thinking about getting into this very interesting era.

Viva Santa Ana! Viva la Raza!

The excellent terrain of Churubusco

USA Objectives - Bridgehead and Mission

Mexican Cavalry and Infantry looking for my Gringo Brigade

Getting Ready for Battle

John preparing his "flank" for a spanking

Mexican Recon

My view from the corn fields of the Mexican Cav, guns and Infantry

Deploying my battery as quickly as possible

The mission was under siege

My guns against the Mexican Heavy Cavalry
Giving the grapeshot we repulsed them!

More Mex Cav ready to strike us if we came out of the fields
John looking over the field wondering what went wrong

Mexicans jump into the Church, the fight was on!

The mission fell under the Gringo siege

Mexican forces falling back, John in disbelief.

Fight for the church was still raging till the end of the battle
The Cavalry pinned my battery in place, we didn't dare limber..
The Yanks were pressing the bridge defenders and eventually occupied the position.
We overran the church with the Mexicans still inside.  A unit of Dragoons also caught up to me and threw them into the fight against the Mexican Cavalry
Santa Ana ordering the withdrawal


Tony said...

Looks great Danno. beautiful game!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now Dan, the Mexicans did their job by delaying the Gringos!! This was only a delaying action!! By the way, this game got the best game for the theme of the con which was "Empires at War." Chris Hughes did an excellent presentation.
PS Thanks for getting the picture of the Gringos cowering in the cornfild ;)

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Dan said...

Yeah thanks for not wanting to get into the Corn to make fresh tortillas or tamales...