Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dan's New Wargame Table!

Well its only taken over 40 years of gaming and I finally have my own dedicated Wargame Table.  I still have a few things to do but its almost there!  Here are some pictures of the construction which was pretty easy after purchasing a workbench leg kit.  

So it only took about 9 studs and 3 sheets of plywood.  I picked out a pretty good grade so I had a nice smooth surface.  This set me up with a 4 x 8 foot surface just under 36 inches high.  When I finish off the last steps I will mount a ping pong table top to it.  This will increase the playing surface to 9 x 5 foot and give it some nice "lines." 

The 4 x 8 is great for most of the gaming that I do.  But, it is not quite wide enough for Naval or a good Knights Cross WWII Fighter battle.   Or even now that I have dived into 28mm Skirmish combat...I need some rooooom!

So the leg set is made of industrial strength plastic with the holes and shelf steps ready to go.  You can get the Work Bench Leg set from Rockler Woodworking store (  They make it so easy!

So here is a better picture of my new Wargame area.  By the way, the table has some pretty good weight to it.  The next step is that I am going to stain the wood a darker color and add some slides on the 2nd and 3rd levels.  The slides will allow me to pull out large flat drawers to get to the terrain I will store on those levels.  I am also going to add some drink holders, pullout flat tables to put rules on, etc.   There is still much to do, but if I am going to take 40 years to make it happen, well I better do it right.


You might have noticed that a sink area went up at the same time in the background.  There will be more stuff to mount up, i.e., more cabinets, backsplash etc.  Always like to have some Coffee and cold drinks on hand for my gaming colleagues.  I had a cold water sink for coffee and tea making, brush washing, etc.  I also had to have a refrigerator installed.  I mean, like I told the Wife, "you can't be expected to leave the table in the heat of battle for very long!"

I look forward to inviting my friends in for many battles to come! I will post more updates in a couple of weeks along with a tour of the entire new "man cave."




Anonymous said...

Those legs are expensive, but I REALLY like having two shelves underneath. I might add a lip around the perimeter to keep my "Realm Of Battle" 2x2 tiles in place.

Any other suggestions or recommendations after a year of use?

Dan said...

Yeah those legs are listed at 69.99 but I got them on sale for about 50 bucks. So easy to use. Anyway, I have no complaints except that should have stained the wood to give it more color. I am still going to do that. I will send you a picture of how it looks today with all my armies, terrain and I ended up covering the top with some green outdoor carpet material. Looks pretty good. Dan

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