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Knights Cross (KC!) Pacific Battle (2 June 2013)
Jap Zero and Corsair on fire! (Pictured: Dan C., Ray G. and Doug W.  Note the Japanese Pilots were in disgrace and refused to pose for picture)
Well today we played a game of Knights Cross.  We introduced some new players to KC! and along with the rest of us we had a blast.

For the USMC Pilots we had Veteran Capt. Doug W. fighting along side his two new wingmen Lt. Ray G. and Lt. Dan C. getting some patrol time in their new Corsairs.  On the Imperial Japanese side we had Capt. Andrew san, Lt. Aaron san and Capt. Gurulesaki san flying in their Zeke's.
Cocky Lt. Dan C., going after the helpless Bombers (Kate's just out of view on left.)
Morning Patrol
As the morning sun was rising over the Pacific three Corsairs from their base at Bougainville were on patrol over the highly contested waters.  The Japanese were torpedoing US Destroyers in the area and the Marines were sending out numerous patrols to intercept whenever possible.
My Zero looking for a target.

While on this patrol Capt. Doug. W. spotted Japanese aircraft flying on the deck in the opposite direction just off his nose on his right.   At the same time the Japanese Torpedo Bombers or  Kate's spotted the Corsairs started screaming into their radios for their escort of Zekes to attack while they made a run for it.

"Tally ho!" was heard over the Corsair Radios and it was Game on!  Immediately the Zeke's turned into the banking and diving Corsairs while the two Kate's put "balls to the wall" to try and get out of there.

The Zeke's or Zero's are deadly adversaries at lower speeds where the Corsairs had to maintain a good pace in order for them to maneuver with the Zero's.  In the early stages of the battle the two new Corsair drivers were feeling out their aircraft which gave the Japanese fighters some time to try and keep them off the Kate's tail.
The trailing two Zeros trying to help IJN Capt. Andrew san who is chasing a Corsair with two more on his tail.
As the battle waged on it seemed like the Marines were a little more disciplined and maneuvered to cover each other where the Japanese were scattering to try and stop the destruction of their Torpedo Bombers.  It was to no avail trying to hold off the Marines.  Both of the Japanese Bombers were sent down in flames into the ocean.  The Japanese took a heavy toll with the American's superior (lucky?) maneuvering and getting close range shots with their six .50's.  A Zero just can't take that much damage and the battle ended with the two bombers and two Zero's lost to no losses to the Marines.
The last turn of the battle had everyone spacing out to disengage.
At the end of the battle the damaged Marine Flight took it back to base while the remaining Japanese limped back to their carrier to lick their wounds. With the final scoring tally of the Japanese 4 to the Marines overwhelming 11.5 it was obvious who was the Battle victors today.  (Note: for this battle we offered battle points for hitting and destroying targets.  Only kills against actual opponents will be counted for the Pacific Campaign.)

Pacific Campaign Battle 1 (USMC Victory)
USMC Lt. Dan C. 2 Zero Kills/2 Bomber Kills (Note: 7 hits on the enemy with 4 total kills)
USMC Lt. Ray G. (Note: Devastatingly good flying and effective firing (5 hits on the enemy) just missing a couple of kills)
USMC Capt. Doug W. (Note: Old Vet skillfully taking his shots and commanding the flight.  4 hits on the enemy)

IJN Lt. Aaron san (Note: 2 hits on the enemy. Spent much of the battle either on fire or smoking.  The fire itself was burning up his aircraft but he still made it back to the carrier although he had to crash land his aircraft.)
IJN Capt. Andrew san (Note: 3 hits on the enemy.  Andrew san didn't have much help from his wingmen in this battle.  Made it back to the carrier safely.
IJN Capt. Gurulesaki san.  Killed in Action by USMC Lt. Dan C. Scored 3 hits on the enemy before going down in flames.  Close range shots ripped the wings off.
IJN Lt. Gurunaga san.  Killed in Action by USMC Lt. Dan C.  Joined late in the battle and made a terrible miscalculation on the Corsairs speed and got a close range blast that ripped his wings off destroying his aircraft in midair.

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I dont know if I would say "cocky." I did give credit for the damage to my wingmen. We will just have to see how well I do defending.