Thursday, July 25, 2013

Historicon 2013 - The Convention

Historicon 2013

So we made it to Fredericksburg and the Con was as good as ever.  It looks like they addressed some of the concerns from last year.  Restroom signs were posted to alternate facilities within easy access.  They put up curtain walls between sections that helped muffle some of the noise that we complained about before.  Plenty of locations to get Drinks and Food, shuttle bus out front, etc.  Nicely done and looking for to coming back again next year. 

And of course the dealer room was fantastic.  I did notice that On Military Matters and Brookhurst Hobbies did not show up this year.  But the rest of the usual suspects were all in attendance.  

Next year I am going to put on some games! Whose with me?!

And of course we saw a lot of great looking battles and a few not so much.  I took a load of pictures and  here are a few for your enjoyment.


Tarawa - which we have seen in Mags before.  Very nice!
A nicely done WWII Skirmish battle going on.
John Mumby playing in Palo Alto battle with Matt watching the battle closely.
Well okay he had an eye on his beer more likely.
Beautiful picture of John's glorious Mexican Cavalry moving out, wait why are they moving in the wrong direction?
Oh that's why, getting chased by US Dragoons.  
And his US opponent, do we know this guy? 
Beautifully done Fort Derussy Battle.  
These models were incredible!
Muskets and Tomahawks - Pontiac's Rebellion
Very nice looking scenery
More Muskets and Tomahawks
The Alamo in 54mm.  
Viva la Raza! 
A Clever Wings of War Battle - King Kong and the Beauty!
Kong got 3 planes and one of the Pilots accidentally shot the Beauty
Bolt Action Demo Game - Tarawa
Aaron and I had a blast playing this game...
So much that we ended up buying a starter kit...damn...

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