Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Historicon 2013 - Manassas 152nd Anniversary (21 July)

We had some great timing getting to the Battlefield in time to see the Gun and Musket demonstrations for the 152nd anniversary of the Battle.  During our walk of the Field we met and older Gentleman who told us a story of his Great Grandfather who fought and died here during the opening battle of the Civil War.

The artillery demonstration began with a very good narrative about the battle and the big guns that were used there.  They used a half charge for the demo and man no matter if you have seen or heard this before it tends to startle you a little.  They fired the weapon twice and on the second shot the wind had shifted into our face and the smoke and smell was pretty cool.

As they mentioned, pictures 11 more guns firing at the same time all day long.  The noise, the smoke, the repeated echo of the muskets with all the yelling going on.  It had to be pretty intense.  

The same for the 6 man musket demonstration.  Pretty cool to watch them load and reload and starting to feel the pressure they must have been under loading rounds with Rebs or Yanks closing in on you.

Outstanding day we had!  Of course the humidity was stifling, but well worth being there.

Union Parrott Rifles (Henry House)

Battery Crew?
Wife Julie and Aaron
Rebel Infantry providing firing demonstration
Matt engages the actors. (Henry House).
The Jackson Statue
Matt standing near the Robinson House on the Rebel right.
The Rebel Gun Line facing Henry House.

Julie and Aaron near a Rebel Smoothbore pointed at the Henry house about 220 yards away.
View of Stone House with Matthew's Hill right behind.
Henry House
Aaron checking out the Reb's equipment
View of the reverse slope behind Rickett's Battery and Henry house.  
Yankee view from Griffin's Battery on far right of Union Line.

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