Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Historicon 2013 - Museum of the Confederacy

Virginia Regimental Flag Room
At the very end of our Historicon trip we were able to fit in the Museum of the Confederacy before our flight that afternoon our of Richmond.  This is a must see.  It is not very large but the articles within these walls were awe inspiring.  Seeing the Virginia Regimental Flags that flew at Picketts Charge, Jeb Stuart's Feathered Hat and Saber and list goes on of what you will find here.  Again, a small museum packed full of history.

The Confederate White House is right beside the museum and you can tour it too.
Front of the White House
Outstanding Displays!
Stuart's Hat, Pistol and Saber!
Took this picture for a color reference when we paint Rebs.

Matt Vigil
Dan Gurule (Me)

Interesting Display of Jackson's Adjutant's Jacket 
Interesting because it has Jackson's Blood on it (zoom in)
Famous Painting we have all seen before
So here is this piece of iron sitting outside.  What is it?  Well, it happens to be the propeller shaft from the Merrimack/Virginia!  
Capitol Building around the corner

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