Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bolt Action at Recruits 2013

This was the Field House where the convention was held at Lee's Summit High School
If you read the previous post you would have seen that Jim Finneran and myself both ran Bolt Action events at Recruits.  It worked out great where we could help each other out.  We were both bouncing off rules questions, game situations, etc. between us.  This really helped me out.  I also got great tips on how to build a better board next time thanks to suggestions and ideas from Jim.  Can't thank him enough.

Anyway, Jim ran Bolt Actions sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4.  I ran Bolt Action in sessions 1, 2, 6 and 7.  Jim had this great idea to have a log in sheet which I will incorporate into my next demonstration games.  Just by the pictures below you can see that we both had a great turnout.

I ran an Italian scenario pitting squads of American GIs against smaller Veteran Squads of Germans.  The first scenarios we only used infantry units.  Then added a vehicle on each side later.  The rules are very easy to learn and everyone was pretty much moving on with minimal questions.

We covered all of the basic functions of the game.  Moving, firing, Hand to Hand, vehicles, etc.  We were at first a little weak on using HE but I think we have it worked out.  Many of the players had purchased the rules but have either never played or maybe played once.

Some comments that I will send off to our friends at Warlord Games:
  1. Can you give an advance order then have the unit Fire and then Move?  If it was legal I would enforce the move penalty (non USA).  I did ask Andrew at Warlord and got the answer.  But wanted to let my NCO Warlord Brothers know about it if it came up in their game.  Answer: Currently that is not allowed.  The unit must move then fire.
  2. If a unit runs or advances into a building our of LOS of an ambushing unit, can the Ambusher fire on them.  So it seems if the unit advances into the building they can elect to fire.  Then I would allow the Ambusher to fire first.  If the unit ran into the building they would not be sticking their necks out anyway so I would not allow the Ambusher's to fire at them since they didn't see them enter the building anyway.  Any comments would be welcome.
So here are some pictures with captions explaining the action.

Jim's Demonstration Table.  2 x 4 foot with room for troops and
dice rolling.  A small 2 x 2 gaming area in the center.  Perfect for a quick lesson!
Jim's other table for his "students" to play in an actual battle.  
This was his Tarawa board placing Marines against a couple of
squads of Japanese Troops, MMG, pill boxes and a tank.
Here is my BA Battle board.  It is collapsable.  One side folds on
top of the other.  We of course remove all of the terrain except
for the walls around the house and other field. 
We had 6 players in the American/German battle.
Everyone had a great time. 

Another view of my battle board.
Marines taking the beach.  Jim made these palm tress from scratch.  
His board texture is made using Durham Rock hard water putty.
The sea wall was made with wooden dowels.  It all looked great!  
Jim providing another taste of Bolt Action.  
Soon Jim had players jumping on his Tarawa board playing by themselves.  
Jim going through the rules
Americans and Germans fighting it out.
All three Bolt Action tables in action.
We took this picture because because it was an excellent Bazooka
shot on the Pz III coming out of the woods.
Once the Pz III went down, the Sherman was free to roam.
Americans moving quickly to take that house. 
Germans moving through the woods.
Americans getting into position

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