Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Gaming Shops in Aurora/Denver

Shep's Games (Old Attactix location)
I just wanted to pass on the news that there is a new gaming store in Aurora.  In fact, it is in the old Attactix location and its called Shep's Games.

Shep's Games from Window.  Tables are to the left.
It is owned and operated by Chris Shepard and information can be found below.  They have been there since September but only recently put up their new sign.  The 7-11 that was next store is gone and the old Taco Bell behind this building is now a very nice Coffee Shop.
It was very clean and organized.
Currently, Chris is just getting things started and is planning to build up his inventory.  He has plenty of table space to play the card and board games they are focused on for now.  He has plans to bring in more hobby supplies like paints, brushes, etc. and wants to later bring in miniatures as his business grows.

Denver Central Games
(Across from Kennedy Golf Course)
I also had a chance to visit Denver Central Games which sits across from the Kennedy Golf Course.  They also have plenty of table space and will keep their inventory on the big sellers right now until things pick up.  They do have some paints and a very nice looking store.  They even have food items there for the people gaming at the tables.  A very nice and spacious setup.

DCG Table setup
You can see there is plenty of gaming space.  It is well lit and very well maintained.
DCG Register and gaming stuff on the left. 
What I am seeing in common with all of them is that they are all gamers and very cool people.  I think it takes some guts and determination to open up and/or maintain a good "specialty" store in this slow economy.
DCG Food! Yeah!  Always a plus.
For myself I wish them all the best and will surely use them since they are all very close to our games in the South East corner of the metro area.

Chris at Collector Mania
It is very nice to see local game stores opening up and doing well.  Like Collectors Mania in Parker ran by Chris and Eric who hosted our DBA Throwdown last year.  I have been using them to order varnish, 40K stuff and they are more than willing to order just about anything you need.  Chris and Eric know their stuff and are always very helpful.
Collector Mania - Well Stocked as always
Some of you may ask if they are a card or board game store what can they do for us Historical Gamers?  Easy, and plenty, they have suppliers that can probably get you anything you need.  Figures, rules, paints, etc.  It doesn't hurt to call them and ask!
Just another tourney and site of our annual
DBA Throwdown with CSGA
I would like to plan on setting up some demonstration games this Fall/Winter at all these stores to bring in more interest to our hobby.  You never know when that 40K or Magic Gamer might get interested when he sees our 28mm or 15mm armies marching into battle at the next table!  We can only hope....


Shep's Games
Chris Shepard
15107 E. Hampden Ave.
Aurora, Colorado

Denver Central Games
10101 East Hampden Ave.
Unit 102/102
Denver, Colorado

Collectors Mania
19555 East Parker Square Drive
Suite 101
Parker, Co

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LittleNicky said...

Eric and Chris are definitely good guys at Collector and are really doing a fantastic job. They do have a decent following of Historical gamers, but there is a lack of games actually being played. Every once in a while I put on a game of Force on Force and sometimes you can find a game of Hail Caesar or Flames of War being played. I didn't know they were helping with the DBA tournaments, that is very good to hear.