Monday, November 11, 2013

Colorado Military Historian (CMH) Vet Wars 2013 - Black Powder Civil War Battle

Battle at Hangman's Creek

This years Vet Wars was as fun as always.  This year I decided to play one of my favorite rules Black Powder.  To make it easier I ran two battles using BP.  It worked out great.

This was the Civil War Battle we played with our CMH members, Andrew, Dave and Nate playing the Rebs, and Rick, Aaron and myself playing the sleeping Union forces.

This scenario was adapted right from the BP Rule book called Battle at Hangman's Creek.  It has the Union forces primarily off board with the Command staff just waking up in the small town at the center.  There is one Regiment that are pickets camped out on a ridge which overlooks the town. There is a Camp on the Union left with a Battery in position and an Armory with a Regiment on the far right preparing their Breakfast.

The battle starts with the Rebs coming on like a steam roller that hits the pickets in the early dawn hours which sounds the alarm to the command staff.  At the moment of alarm the Colonels are scrambling to get their forces on the board before getting ran over by this large Rebel Raid.  Fortunately, the Rebs initially stalled initially (command failures) while getting their forces coordinated.

Great battle where everyone had a good time.  I will let the pictures tell the story of this particular engagement.

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