Monday, November 11, 2013

Colorado Military Historians (CMH) Vet Wars 2013 - Rorkes Drift

At Vet Wars some excellent games were being played.  One was Rorke's Drift put on by Dave and Jordan Newport using their homegrown rules.

Doug and John
Matt Vigil, in his 2nd Colonial played one of the Zulu Impi Commanders along with Jordan.  Doug Wildfong and John took the British.  Dave kept up the pace of the battle running the game.

The battle emulated the movie Zulu and from all accounts it was spot on.  Matt would comment, "It was the best battle and ruleset that Dave has put on yet."  As many of us at CMH know Dave usually steps out of the box and creates his own rules which anyone will tell you are always fun and innovative.  Dave's  rules are written to be printed on one piece of paper, keeping it simple, keeping it fun and keeping the flavor of the period.

I didn't get to play in this game but I heard it was intense to the very last turn.  I heard one Impi Commander say aloud, "Just one more wave and we could have taken it!"  Until the next time, we look forward to the next Zulu battle.

Thanks again Dave for putting this on.  So enjoy the pictures.

Compound from a Wiki image
Excellent looking kit

Dave's game exciting to the last turn!
The location today (Wiki).  The buildings are modern.

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