Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colonial Battle of Sinkat

I have a Sudan campaign going on right now and this is the 1st battle which occurred near the town of Sinkat as the Desert Column is making its way across to Atbara.  It was slightly unusual in that the British forces stumbled on to the Dervish who were defending a Zareba across their path.  As a result of the battle the British could not take the position in time and so had to retreat back into Sinkat to regroup.    I am sure the next battle is going to be bloody.  While this is going on the River Column is located near the town of Korti and so far no opposition.  That will probably change very soon.

Here are some pictures of the battle.  I usually take more pictures but since this was the first time I have ran The Sword in the Flame in years I was focused on keeping it running smoothly.  We all had a blast and looking forward to the upcoming battles.  Also of note is that each player is keeping track of their "home or core" platoon.  Some of them suffered casualties and will have to get replacements by the next battle or will fight a little short handed.

We also used the TVAG Sudan Action Deck which definitely adds some flavor to the battle.

Thanks to our CMH members John (Osman John), Bob (Major Roberts), John (Mumbasa), Doug (Osman Dougna), Dave (Major Manley), Rick (Captain Stockton) and Eric (Major Elder) for participating!

A full Campaign Turn status report will be released soon.

Enjoy the pictures!


The Campaign map as of Turn 3/4


Clive G said...

Some wonderful pictures there, with captions to match!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Superb.. Mr Gilder would have been most delighted with that!

Larry Stehle said...

Great AAR and photos! Can't wait to see more.