Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gunboat - Sternwheeler Giza

Well here was my attempt at building the a sternwheeler for my Sudan Campaign.  I have named her the Giza and its a smaller size boat than the large Cairo.  I had some challenges on the design but again looking at the many references out there and then just going by my gut feel this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy the pictures and final result.  The next boat I build will be an even small side-wheeler.  That should be as much fun building as these last two boats were.   You should also see more posts on the Sudan Campaign I running.

Guru (Dan)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan for giving the Mahdi two targets for the campaign!!
mumbasa (Dervish player)

Dan said...

Who taught you how to leave a comment on a modern device? Allah must be a good teacher…lol..

bkbreakerbk said...

Hi Dan,
Just wanted to do that (say "hi," that is). Not sure if my real name will appear, but this is Tim Chadwick. I had met you at Colonial Barracks (the first one) and I remember also seeing you at Historicon in 2012. Hope you are doing well. You do a great job on the blog. Have (so far) seen just a handful of the posts, but they are quite entertaining. I especially loved the ones where you built the gunboats for colonial wargaming. Hope to see you at Col. Barr. again this year. I've attended all 3 of 'em so far. Take care and keep up the good work, >>Tim>>