Monday, March 24, 2014

Gunboat - Building the Sidewheeler Kadesh

The Kadesh

So I have been running my Sudan Campaign and at the same time building the third boat.  This time I wanted to try my hand at building a side-wheeler.  Again I took my ideas and inspiration from pictures and other models I have seen.  You can see I cheated on the paddles and "armored" the compartments up which left me with mounting just a few paddles on each side.  I struggled with this one trying to balance it out, placement of the Pilot house, etc.

So the story behind this is that the Dervish also had some converted/captured boats on the Nile.  So I wanted to take the opportunity to build a side wheeler since I have already built a screw and a stern wheeler.  This would be an old converted Egyptian ferry boat that the Dervish will use to harass the British Nile Fleet or may show up in a small battle where the British find themselves the ones without gunboat support. We shall see what kind of devious scenario I can come up with.

Well once again added captions within the pictures.  Thanks for taking the time and all the comments I have been receiving.  The river battles are going to start coming up in the campaign so stay tuned for more action!



Mad Guru said...

Turned out awesome, Dan, and as usual, your step-by-step how-to photo-guide is both educational AND entertaining! Very well done indeed!

If you do keep the fabric canopy in place (I really like it), I respectfully suggest weathering it down somewhat, be it with paint, stain, sand, putty, white glue, or some combo of the above. The other thing I'll mention is it would be great if you could take and post a waterline level pic showing one of the finished paddle-wheels in place.

Really hope I get to see this fine vessel in person!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

NICE work!

Dan said...

Thanks Mad Guru, I will throw out my "water" today and take some shots. Yeah the photos had too much shadow to see them. I will also throw in the Cairo, Giza for size comparisons. Guru (Dan)