Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small Action near Atbara (Sudan Campaign)

Campaign update (Turn 5)

In the far north at Wadi Halfa Major Wharrier and Captain Owen board the desert railway to start their journey to Abu Hamed to catch up to the war (Turn 6).  The small action by Captain Andrew and the Cairo sent that message that opened the railhead (Turn 5).

The dervish leader Mumbasa masses near Abu Klea waiting patiently for the moment to start his attack on Major Shockey and Major Daniels desert column from Korti. (Turn 5)

And in the east Major Manley and Major Forte will surge into Osman "Dougnas" siege forces surrounding Atbara.  This will be the final battle for Atbara (Turn 6).   Major Roberts and Major Elder are trailing in support along with Major Lambert and Captain Stockton trailing them out of Sinkat.

That is the latest update which brings us to the 2nd small action.

Major Roberts is being tasked to scout the right flank of the desert column.  There have been reports of dervish outposts and a relative of a high level warlord being seen among them.  Major Roberts will fall out of column to complete this mission and get the report of any dervish movements to Major Manley at the head of the column.  Major Elder has also been ordered to scout the left flank of the column which will be a separate action.

Here is the situation:

Here is the Battle
This evening we completed Major Roberts scouting of the right flank.  His force comprised of the Black Watch, Bengal Lancer Troop (understrength) and a gun.  Major Roberts was not able to find the high value target but was able to complete the scouting mission.  He was met by 5 Dervish Rubs and was able to defeat them but not without taking casualties.

Casualty Report
Private Angus McMillan - KIA
Corporal Adam Furguson - WIA
Private Tomas Gun - WIA
Bengal Lancer Trooper Bhatia - KIA
Bengal Lancer Trooper Mistry - WIA
Bengal Lancer Trooper Vishnu - WIA


Jeff Lambert said...

Guru Dan: My compliments to Major Roberts on his successful engagement. The Black Watch performed as expected, "All Sir Garnet". However, while I do not wish to be taken as a martinet, I am compelled to point out that the (splendidly turned-out)Bengal Lancers did not follow the Field Manual in their charge move. I refer to page 21 of the 20th Anniversary Edition, rule 2b, subsection 2 "Mounted cavalry Units actually charging into Close Combat do not roll for stragglers..." Rest assured that when my command has the opportunity, there will be no straggling in the 10th Hussars! Yours, Major Lambert

Dan said...

You are absolutely correct. It was the first time we used cavalry so I missed it. We were mainly focused on the cavalry phased movement which is pretty cool. There was a situation that came up also. The Lancers were charged by a dervish unit. I allowed them to counter charge but that was incorrect. They have other options and counter charging is not one of them.

1) A Cav unit that is charged and has not yet moved or burned its movement card has two choices. Stand and fight as is or it can try to roll a critical morale roll. If it passes it can evade, reform, or reface. There is NO option for a counter charge for either infantry or cavalry.