Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Small Battle at Abu Hamed (Sudan Campaign)

The Battle report (AR pictures) has been updated below. 

We have over 10 players playing British/Egyptian Forces in this Campaign.  Besides the overall campaign battles each player will be given a special mission that will only include their own two platoons and a gun.  This is the first of such mission which is directly related to the campaign.  Captain Andrews of the Cairo is the first one up.  He must accomplish this mission in order to get the Desert Railway opened up.  So let's get on with the setup.

Captain Andrews, Abu Hamed has been relieved with the arrival of your Gunboat Cairo.  Additionally, you have found the missing Egyptian Gunboat Giza grounded downstream at Kirbekan on your way here and have deployed your Naval Landing party to get it back into action.

You must get to the station and mop up any remaining Dervish forces that may or may not be in the area.  Besides the support of the Cairo you have your Royal Marine Light Infantry (RMLI) to accomplish this very important mission.  You will be allowed to separate into two detachments using one leader for each if you think it is necessary.

If you complete the mission and take the station within 5 turns then the Cairo can finish the current turn 5 in Bashtinab before the 5th cataract.  If you take more then 5 turns you will remain here in Abu Hamed for Turn 5.

We are scheduled to battle tomorrow evening, the field is ready for the Cairo's arrival.  I have attached pictures of the field and various scouting information regarding distances and terrain.

I will update this report complete with AR and battle pictures at the completion of the battle.

Good luck Captain,


FYI - Miniature Building Authority Buildings are used for the town and an unknown train station model (Euro Style) are being used all supplied by Doug W.

Battle at Abu Hamed was fought this evening.  It was between Captain Andrews and the Cairo/RMLI and my Dervish forces.  Here is the AR within the captioned pictures.  Stay tuned for our Abu Klea battle and the blog about my build of the Dervish Gunboat Kadesh (Side Wheeler).


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Mad Guru said...

From one Guru to another, excellent AAR, oh Guru -- AKA: Dan! Lots of fun to read, and looks like it was a lot of fun to play. Did the Brits only lose 2 x KIA? Next time I humbly suggest, if using half-size units to charge, you cut the straggler roll in half too, perhaps rounding up any remainders, ie.: a roll of "5" gives you 3 stragglers, a roll of "2" gives you 1.

We've seen your growing flotilla of fine gunboats, but is there an armored train in the offing as well?!?! Inquiring minds from all around the empire want to know...