Sunday, April 13, 2014

Battle for Abu Klea (Sudan Campaign)

Today we finally played the final battle of the Sudan Campaign Turn 5.  This was the battle at Abu Klea between the 2 Companies and two guns of Major Shockey and Major Daniels forces against the Dervish leader Mumbasa and his emirs.

We played at our monthly club meeting and the battle lasted 7 of the intended10 turns before the day was decided.

The strategic orders were for the British to cut across the desert route from Korti to Abu Klea to Metemma.  This was going to be a tough battle because of Mumbasa's presence which added a few extra unit points for the Dervish Army.

The mission for the British was to defend their baggage train and reach the Wadi ridge line before battles end.  IF they were successful in both cases then they would be in Metemma in the next turn.  IF they held on to their baggage train and did not reach the ridge then they would remain in Abu Klea.  And finally, if they did not reach the Wadi Ridge line AND they lost their baggage they must retreat to Korti.  And that last one was the case, retreat to Korti with heavy losses.

It was brutal fight especially on the right flank when Osman Cody immediately went on the attack on the British advancing along the right flank.  This proved to be only a diversion as Mumbasa unleashed Osman Dougna and Osman Jahans forces on the opposite flank to attack the baggage defended by the Yorkshires and Naval Forces at the Zareba.

I again present the AAR in pictures I hope you enjoy them.


Apologies, I loaded the old Map from Turn 5


Anonymous said...

Great battle report of a very fun game! Thanks Dan!!

Mad Guru said...

Great AAR Dan, and terrific set of photos!

Vinnie said...

Loving your gaming reports of the campaign. I am thinking about doing sometime similar here with our club. What campaign system did you use?



Dan said...

I am using a slightly modified Fire and Sword campaign.