Thursday, April 24, 2014

Small Action - between Sinkat and Atbara (Sudan Campaign)

Last weekend we were able to get another mini battle in.  This time it was Captain "Rick" Stockton's  turn to take on the Dervish on a scouting mission.  As I have done with each of these mini battles I match their point value with our dervish forces.

In this battle it was the Company + two guns against 6 dervish units.  This battle did not go well for Captain Stockton.  Some miscalculations when maneuvering his guns masked them for one turn and the unfortunate HALT card stopped them from being brought into action a second time.  All this with the small valley being filled with dervish.

Those two turns of no artillery hurt his chances to stop the dervish at longer ranges.  One unit was able to close and although the British line was on a hill and in close order, they rolled poorly and were hacked up by Osman Frihir's Fuzzies.  It could have been a different outcome had a rolled a little better and had his guns in action immediately.

So he did complete his mission to find the dervish supply line (water hole) but took heavy losses in the process.  The only saving grace was...well...take a look for yourself...



Anonymous said...

Tony!!! Another commander down!!!You do live under a cursed cloud when you throw the dice!! Man!!!
John (Mumbasa)

Vinnie said...

Fantastic looking game and great report. I have never played the rules but they do seem a lot of fun.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...that's a lovely looking game!