Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Small Action - Desert Railway outside Abu Hamed

Another mini battle was completed Sunday afternoon with Major Wharrier and his Sikh troops.  My Dervish fought a better battle this time then the last.  We were in the rear areas of Abu Hamed hoping to catch a troop or supply train before we were spotted by Indian Cavalry scouts. We occupied the small building next to the tracks with the rest of our forces in hiding in the rear.  

So when Wharriers command started moving forward I immediately ordered my rubs to attack.  And of course the TSAF HALT event cards came up in the first two turns in the movement phase.  So we ate up two turns without moving which did not help my cause.  I really wanted to get to that ridge before Wharrier's troops but that wasn’t going to happen.  

We were not able to fight the cavalry effectively at all.  They ran us over but in the last two battles we killed and wounded a few.  So the battle was fun of course and we made the allies bleed a little.  Good job Major Wharrier.

From outside Abu Hamed.


Major Wharrier reports from the outskirts of Abu Hamed.  It was reported that some Dervish units made their way around Abu Hamed to ambush the reopened Desert Railway.  With some losses to both of my Sikh units we were still able to clear the menace from the railway. 

Upon our arrival on the field we spotted Dervish Riflemen occupying a hut next to the tracks.  There were many patches of rough ground and a ridge in the center.  I deployed my Sikh infantry to my left, Sikh cavalry in the center and set the gun on the right.  

As we advanced the shallow valley in front of us filled with dervish units.  I immediately ordered the gun to move forward and the Cavalry to take the ridge to provide some time for the infantry to take the position.  

I ordered the Squadron commander to charge the dervish whenever possible.  The first charge had the dervish running who were afraid to make contact.  The second charge was also successful but they started to take losses.  The third and final charge was for the objective and after a bloody bloody fight we forced the dervish back.  

My Indian infantry also fought very bravely.  They moved from the left flank and took the ridge in the center after the cavalry cleared it.  The Dervish charged them twice causing many casualties but they held fast.  

Throughout the battle our gun crew maintained an accurate rate of fire that disrupted the dervish movements.  I would like to report that the Desert Railway is secure.  My request for replacements will soon follow.  

Your obedient servant,

Major Wharrier


Sgt. Guinness said...


Another enjoyable report brother.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent! Love the style of your battle reports...