Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Small Action - Ambush at Adararna (Sudan Campaign)


We took this opportunity to run an ambush.  It worked out perfectly for the dervish who were on the British and Egyptians very quickly.  We had one unit that was actually charged by the Black Watch, failed to stand and fight and ran off the field.  That was really the only low point for the dervish.  Some of the highlights were the attacks on the 10th Egyptian.  We were bent on its destruction but just couldn't get enough warbands into that fight at the same time.  We hit them piecemeal and hence they were able to repel our charges and regroup.  We thought we had Forte captured but only wounded him and he got away with his Egyptians forming around him leading his horse off the field in an orderly retreat.  Next time!

This scenario was a blast.  If we had some camel in this battle it would have been more bloody.  The Lancers were not very effective this time around.  Some bad luck taking rife fire, not completing their charge, etc.

So the path to Kassala is closed for the moment.  The Atbara river would have been just off the edge of this battle.  Good thing the Gunboat Giza didn't show up.  So where is she?

Last Stand Dan

A short report from the British/Egyptian Command

Major Roberts Reports:
Manley's Hq ordered Forte and my command to take Kassala.  Early scouting reported that the path was clear all the way to the first Oasis.  We moved onto the field with my Bengal Lancers to our front followed by the 10th and 7th Egyptians, then by my Black Watch and gun.  It was not long before we found our column being Ambushed from all sides.  Major Forte and his Egyptians smartly moved into square while the Lancers turned to face the attack.

A vicious mele ensued with the 10th repelling the dervish but taking many casualties.  A dervish rub appeared on the flank of the Highlanders but we turned to face and charged the attackers.  They immediately ran them off the field and turned to reinforce the beleaguered Egyptians.  The 7th Egyptians were able to form into line to protect Forte's right flank but could not advance.  Forte did make one attempt to advance forward into column but was hit by another dervish rub.  This time Forte was wounded along with more of his infantry.  Forte and his  Egyptians fought bravely.  One could only guess that the dervish had it out for the Egyptians this day for their attacks were well planned and focused on Forte.

With Forte incapacitated, I ordered the Lancers to try and take the Oasis.  They were met with yet another dervish unit this time armed with rifles.  The Lancers took casualties and failed to close the charge.  They were forced to retreat to the high ground protecting Forte's retreat on his left flank.

It was obvious to see that we walked into an ambush.  Where did those early scouting reports come from anyway?  We picked up our wounded and reluctantly took an orderly retreat to our rear towards Atbara for reinforcements.

Major Roberts
Black Watch


Phyllion said...

Great game, really enjoying these - inspiring for my own games.

Larry Stehle said...

Great photos and good report! HUZZAH!