Sunday, December 20, 2015

Third Battle on the Nile (Sudan Gunboat battle)

So I have to say that the last two gunboat battles were a lot of fun.  Both Colonial Barracks V and at our Colorado Military Historian (CMH) club meeting a week ago I can say that everyone again had a great time.  As we local's know our CMH President Doug Wildfong had some very serious surgery a few weeks ago.  I am not sure if they let him out or he escaped the hospital but he can be seen moving around pretty good these last few days.

Doug was also hosting his very good friend and long time wargamer Larry Armin.  Larry was on his last days of visiting Doug here in Denver so I thought he would enjoy playing in a gunboat battle.  The same for Doug who missed Colonial Barracks and our last club meeting.  So without missing a beat I setup a slightly smaller but action packed scenario which resembles the CBV and CMH battles.

In this battle, the sister boats of the Kadesh and the Giza are both present in the British force.   The scenario has the British going after the Pointe again.  The same objectives to destroy the mud forts and occupy the Pointe were in effect.  So this time the Grenadier Guards have been disembarked onshore and the Camel Corps along with a Screw gun battery making a flank move inland who will join the battle a little later.

We used the old school TSAF (Brom) rules alongside Boilers and Breechloaders (Wilson).  This should be interesting.  This battle flowed very well with all players playing TSAF before.

And back in Wadi Halfa Capt. Lucas (ex-Giza I Capt.) of the Giza incident, is still awaiting his court martial and the proceedings should be starting very soon.  He has been seen hanging around the boatyard, head down in deep thought.
Colonial Times announcing the Giza incident
In other parts of the Southern Sudan, the word is that the dervish warlords are rattling their sabers and calling for another holy war.  So far the hostilities have been focused in this area but a breakout is inevitable.  Outside of this battle area down stream British and Egyptian Command are mobilizing Egyptian forces into the region to protect many of the towns and villages so hard fought for in the last campaign.  The British have taken a support role at this point.  Stay tuned.

Last Stand Dan's Project table
I am starting to build out my Egyptian forces along with some cavalry units.  In fact, cavalry units on both sides will come into play in the next Sudan campaign (2016).  The next campaign will be similar to the Khartoum River dash or Nile campaign but in southern Sudan.  So that means new gunboats and dhows to be built. And I also have some requests to build a couple of boats for some gamers out there.   I better get to work.  More on this later.

Well back to the battle, enjoy the pictures and embedded AAR.

Last Stand Dan

Thursday, November 19, 2015

USS Cairo (Vicksburg)

On my way back from Colonial Barracks I finally got the opportunity to stop in and see the USS Cairo.  It has always been one of my favorite designs of Civil War Ironclads.  I was amazed at the size of it!  There was a nice little museum but the best part was being able to follow the paths through parts of the boat.  Here are some pictures I took and some comments about them.  I do have to say one thing, I couldn't imagine being inside the casemate when even one of those large guns was fired.  The sound I am sure was deafening!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

This has to be on your list of battlefields (Vicksburg) to visit that I highly suggest you make.

Last Stand Dan